Movilizatorio is the mobilization and citizen participation laboratory for Latin America incubated by Purpose in Bogotá and New York.

Last updated: November 2021

Movilizatorio is the mobilization and citizen participation laboratory for Latin America incubated by Purpose in Bogotá and New York. It was born as a result of the need to mobilize Colombians for the participation of innovative forms in democracy and in peacebuilding processes, as a fundamental condition for a society that is sustainable and coexists in harmony.

Rapidly, the value proposal of the laboratory extends to broader issues around citizen culture and social innovation, key axes for the construction of a mobilization infrastructure, which guarantees the viability of both public benefit projects proposed by Movilizatorio, and other social initiatives in Colombia and different countries in the region. One of the purposes of the laboratory is to become a learning engine and through an open methodology, a source of knowledge about citizen participation in Latin America.

The organization has been able to create networks in different regions of Colombia, but also at the international level. Throughout these alliances, we have been able to share our methodologies and create collaborative campaigns.

One of our main projects is called El Avispero, a digital hub for changemakers. This projects is ran by a web platform with more than 60.000 users and a WhatsApp group, that unifies 250 leaders. Some examples of our successful campaigns are:

  • Protection for social leaders in Colombia: this campaign achieved 20.000 digital supporters and because of these, the Ministry of Interior express their commitment to investigate the causes of the murders, and to protect social leaders in Colombia.
  • Children's right to education in Urabá: this campaign took place at the beginning of 2017, when a teacher working with one of our partners (Enseña por Colombia) called our attention upon the fact that in Urabá, the local authorities had not signed the contracts for the operation of the elementary schools. Therefore, more than 9.000 kids had not begun classes. Through this campaign we were able to influence and mobilize the local community, and also pushed the Secretary of Education of Antioquia, with digital signatures and social media awareness. Two weeks after the campaign started the classes begun.
  • Está en nosotros: this was a communication campaign aimed at spreading a message of hope and co-responsibility about the construction of a new future for Colombia. With inspirational content (videos and stories) we reached more than 67.000 people in the entire country, with a special focus in youth.

Another important project has been Diciendo y Haciendo. With this initiative we were able to test our methodologies in local areas affected by the armed conflict, proving that this kind of strategies are not just for the main cities, but can actually be implemented in rural areas that are not interconnected but have however all the potential and will to take advantage of new methodologies that can help them change their realities. This allowed us to start a civic-tech network in places like Apartadó, Florencia and Montería.

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