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Mubadiroon works on a range of conflict resolution and peacebuilding projects throughout Sudan, and have experience working with various local partners.
Last updated: February 2015

Mubadiroon work on a range of conflict resolution and peacebuilding projects throughout Sudan. They have worked on community security and the training of demobilised soldiers. Mubidaroon has also provided training on conflict resolution for Native Administration and community leaders in Sudan, and on capacity building for community-based organisations. A focus of this area of work has been on livelihoods and food security in areas affected by war.

Mubadiroon’s 5 lessons from working in Sudan:

  1. Working with volunteers in Sudan has been very effective, both for saving time and money.
  2. In their project implementation it is most effective to deal directly with beneficiaries in the local community.
  3. Strong partnerships with other organisations have helped with information exchanges and so that they can benefit from capabilities of other organisations.
  4. Theatre can be a very effective method of conveying messages.
  5. It is vital communicate with local NGOs already working in a region to benefit from their local knowledge.

Mubidaroon’s conflict resolution often focuses on local disputes which have the potential to escalate. For example, in the Soda region Mubidaroon have managed to resolve what had been an ongoing dispute between pastoralists and farmers in marketplaces.

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