Nahwa al-Muwatiniya

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Nahwa al-Muwatiniya seeks for Lebanon a democratic society based on social justice, knowledge, and an economy in harmony with the environment.
Last updated: December 2019

Nahwa al-Muwatiniya (towards citizenship) seeks. since its establishment in 2005, a democratic society founded on social justice, knowledge and an economy in harmony with the environment. The organisation aims to alter the political culture in Lebanon – and the wider Arab world – towards a more participatory form of governance where people can exercise their rights and responsibilities despite political differences.

Nahwa al-Muwatiniya empowers and mobilises citizens to actively participate in governance through publishing study results on issues of public importance improving education to develop students’ essential individual and group skills enhancing awareness while advocating and lobbying for change increasing partnerships between individuals, organisations, and countries.

Lebanese-Syrian Dialogue

This project aims to help a selected group of Lebanese and Syrian young people explore their similarities and differences, build cooperative and trusting relationships and learn about each others’ societies. The project also helps these young people develop skills that will improve their lives as well as those in their communities. With the influx of refugees, it has proven to be very essential in building trust and avoiding conflict between refugees and host communities.

Na-aM lil Hiwar (Yes to Dialogue)

This project aims to start dialogue between Lebanese citizens, and increase their understanding of a number of topics including political, economic, environmental and cultural issues. These are all carried out in an informal friendly setting.

Other projects

The association has several projects involving youth in public accountability and raising awarness against the spread of corruption, It monitors the Parliamentary work via the Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor (LPMonitor). It calls for a more active legislative life free of the influence of political interest and corruption. It holds the members of parliament accountable for their standpoints and performance, it promote political awareness by publishing objective information about the parliamentary process, reinforces good governance by providing the citizens with information that allows them to hold their representatives accountable and encourages  the participation of citizens in political life

It encourages students to get trained on Parliamentary concepts so they lobby for democracy and reforms once they are old enough to vote.  It works , with other associations, for the adoption for a civil personal code. It was one of the leading association leading the demonstrations in 2015 to pressure for an end for the garbage crisis in Lebanon.

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