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Nakshikantha works with women and children as their main focus in Bangladesh. They also work for human rights and good governance.
Last updated: May 2016

Nakshikantha was established in Nakipur village under Satkhira district in April 1993. It is a woman run organisation, with women and children as their main focus. They also work for human rights and good governance. Nakshikanthan works to build a dignified society where poor people without rights will be empowered.


  • Local resources mobilization
  • Ensure access of the resource-poor to community and government resources
  • Ensure good governance and human rights
  • Ensure education for all and raise the awareness level of the target community
  • Environmental conservation and reduce vulnerability to climate change
  • Conservation of women and child rights
  • Ensure access of the landless to the government Khas land and community resources
  • Economic empowerment through income generating activities

Target beneficiaries

  • Oppressed women and children
  • Landless and right-less women.
  • Widows and divorced woman
  • Women, whose husbands have been injured or killed by tiger attack
  • Children dropped out of target community people.
  • Women, children and teenagers victims of malnutrition.
  • Poor and physically handicapped people.

Activities and programs

Nakshikanthan works on the following issues under the Asserting Popular Access and Rights to Resourses in Southwest Bangladesh (APAR) project with Manusher Jonno Foundation and Uttaran (local partner):

  • Survey and selection of landless people: This activity finds the root causes of landlessness, analyses the conflict and steps of mitigation
  • Training on land rights and land reformation: In this training participants know land rights related law, mitigation process and way forward
  • Training on Human Rights and good governance
  • Facilitate the landless to get permanent and temporary land allocation
  • Mediation and legal aid support to the landless
  • Formation of landless federation
Other activities:
  • Formation of Citizen Committee at Ward and Union Level: The role of this group is to advocate human rights, security issues and gender
  • Open discussion between civil society and the public leaders
  • Dialog Between civil society ad public leaders
  • Workshop with civil society
  • Workshop with local youth, student and local club representatives
  • Press conference, mass pledges to non-violence, dialogue among religious leaders and political leaders about political violence
Nakshikantha is affiliated with numbers of government and non-government organizations and networks including NGO FORUM, ADAB, UTTARAN, SANGJOG, BRAC and BNF

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