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Run by peace activists and academics, NPC aims to help establish lasting peace in Nepal. NPC works to address the root causes of conflict, focusing on its political, social, economic, and cultural aspects.
Last updated: November 2017

Run by peace activists and academics, the National Peace Campaign (NPC) aims to help establish lasting peace in Nepal. NPC works to address the root causes of conflict, focusing on its political, social, economic, and cultural aspects. They design national-level policy interventions for peace, and also train and mobilise local groups to mediate conflict in their communities. NPC believes that taking a cross-party approach to conflict management creates dialogue between key actors on both individual and group levels.

Designing a Federal Model

Beginning in January 2007, and running until December 2009, this project explores the basis for federalism in Nepal and aims to design a federal model. Various forces in Nepal have agreed to end the war on condition that a federal model is developed for the country, so this is an essential aspect of the peace process.

NPC engages members of the Constituent Assembly in dialogue about federalism through structured workshops and less formal meetings. Issues such as provincial boundaries, power-sharing arrangements, and natural resource management are all discussed.

Incorporating citizens’ voices in the new Constitution

Establishing an elected Constituent Assembly (CA) and writing a Constitution was one of the crucial terms of the 2006 peace agreement in Nepal. This project aims to incorporate the voices of Nepalese people in this process; ensuring people’s voices are heard so that their concerns are reflected in the new Constitution. NPC arranges recorded interviews, in which ordinary citizens raise their concerns and CA members respond. These are then broadcast throughout the country on FM stations. The elected representatives taking part are expected to raise the issues they discuss in the CA itself.


Promoting security sector reform among political representatives

This is a strategic intervention, aimed to help members of Nepal’s new Constituent Assembly (CA) develop an appropriate national security policy. The security sector involves a number of institutions and policies. During Nepal’s recent armed conflict, these became highly politicised – security institutions, as well as combatants and weapons, were directly engaged. Security sector reform, and managing arms and combatants post-conflict, is essential for the CA to build a lasting peace. This project aims to encourage policymakers to develop appropriate structures for change.

Capacity Building for District Politicians

Since ordinary people suffer most in conflict, NCP wanted to emphasise their voices in the process of building the new Constitution. District-level politicians are crucial in raising awareness of new institutions and responding to local concerns. This project aimed to support their role and aimed to engage them in the process of establishing a new constitution in Nepal.

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