Natural Resource Conflict Transformation Centre-Nepal (NRCTC-N)

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NRCTC-N works to study, research, document and transform of natural resource based conflicts in Nepal.
Last updated: December 2017

The Natural Resource Conflict Transformation Centre-Nepal (NRCTC-N) works to study, research, document and transform natural resource based multi  stakeholder conflicts cases along with other interpersonal conflicts seen in local communities of Nepal. In doing so the organisation hopes to promote resource management, sustainable livelihoods and the creation of a peaceful society.

Main projects

Organizational Strategic Planning Project (OSP)

The OSP project was launched in 19 districts with the goal of contributing to conflict transformation and the peacebuilding process by focusing on natural resource management, through capacity building and the mobilisation of local, regional and national resources. The project was financially and technically supported by The McConnell Foundation. 26 conflicts were transformed, of which 19 were forest related, four land related and three water related. Different publications such as a newsletter, conflict transformation process handbook, and mountain pathway poster were published to create awareness about the concept of conflict transformation from grassroots to national level.

Natural Resource Conflict Transformation Project (NRCTP)

With the financial support of The McConnell Foundation, NRCTP has been launched in 16 districts of the country to transform multi party involved natural resource based conflict cases. Activities include procedural transformation of conflict cases, practice and learning sharing workshops to share progress and challenges and finding innovative ways to improve the effectiveness of conflict transformation processes, capacity building, and radio programs and newspapers articles related to conflict transformation. As of September 2016, 80 multi-stakeholder conflict cases have been successfully transformed.

Community Mediation Program

After the mega earthquake of 25th April 2015, many interpersonal and multi stakeholder conflict cases are observed and listed in severely affected districts of central region. It necessitated the community mediation program to resolve such cases in post earthquake recovery situation. Therefore, NRCTC-N, with the financial support of The Asia Foundation (TAF) and technical support of Community Mediators Society (CMS) has implemented Community Mediation Program (CMP) in all 271 VDCs and 10 Municipalities of Kavrepalanchok, Dolakha, Sindhupalchok, Nuwakot, and Rasuwa Districts. 

Impact on Community

80 Natural resource based multi-stakeholder conflict cases and 1,500 interpersonal conflict cases have been successfully transformed benefiting more than 5,000,000 people of program implemented areas.

1,800 mediators were trained through basic and advance level mediation training and mobilized in the communities to transform interpersonal and multi stakeholder conflict cases. 

Conflict Transformation movement has returned lost happiness of communities, united broken hearts, improved relationships among conflicting parties, and development works halted due to conflicts are resumed.


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