Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention (OCVP)

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OCVP was set up to work in conflict and violence prevention and enhance community safety in all Somali regions.
Last updated: May 2012

The Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention (OCVP) was established to prevent conflict and violence and enhance community safety in all Somali regions. OCVP works with grassroots organisations to strengthen their initiatives in the community to enhance their safety and security. The organisation contributes to peace by:

  • Regular research, collection of data and providing analysis on issue of crime and violence;
  • Delivering training in peace promotion, conflict prevention and sustainable development through the use of an integrated approach that targets different groups of community stakeholders;
  • Collecting, analysing and disseminating information gathered in the field to local and international stakeholders, non-government organizations and the public.
The OCVP is also a central node of the Early Warning and Response Network (EWARN).


Post Conflict Governance and Development

The organisation believes that post-conflict governance and development are pressing issues which are often neglected after initiatives are made to deescalate conflicts. Addressing these issues is of prime importance to prevent future conflicts. OCVP wishes to investigate and document issues that have to do with post-conflict governance in general and land governance in particular, and generate first-hand information that can be vital in debating and addressing critical issues.

Displacement and Migration

OCVP believes that some of the biggest challenges remain the effective social and economic development of the areas where returnees have settled. In addition, the mitigation of tensions between returnees and locals, as well as between different types of returnees and even within organised groups. This is the premise on which OCVP works.

Trauma Healing and Social Reconstruction

OCVP sees the healing of the individual and social wounds caused by violent conflict as linked to the coming to terms with the events of the past, the restoration of a sense of justice, and a context of basic security and socioeconomic development. These are areas that OCVP is researching to answer so as to heal and reconstruct the shattered psyche and social integration to enhance peace and sustainable development.

Environment and Livelihood

OCVP believe that environmental protection and management is indispensable for sustainable development. Resource-related problems exacerbate conflict, food and water insecurity and poor waste management in the Horn of Africa, threatening human well-being. OCVP has been set to address these issues in an integrated approach to make these resources and remain as a source of livelihood to the people.

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