ONG Centre de Solidarite des Jeunes pour la Formation et le Developpement (ONG CSJEFOD)

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ONG Centre de Soldarite des Jeunes pour la Formation et le Developpement works for national unity, justice and peace in Chad.
Last updated: October 2015


ONG Centre de Soldarite des Jeunes pour la Formation et le Developpement (CSJEFOD) (NGO Youth Solidarity Training and Development Centre) works to contribute to youth awareness on the principles of democracy and citizenship for national unity, justice and peace in Chad. It was established on August 27 2007, and has 1,800 members. CSJEFOD is affiliated to the International Youth and Non-Violence Network (in France).

CSJEFOD aims to be non-profit, apolitical and work without discrimination. It has a legal personality and broad organisational autonomy and seeks to contribute to efforts to make young people fully responsible citizens committed to peace and freedom, tolerance and justice. Its overall objective is to promote the development of youth based on the values of nonviolence, justice and respect for human rights for a better world, and make these young people real economic and socio-cultural development officers.


  • Training of students and teachers to become peer educators through technical and financial support from UNICEF;
  • Creation of a club focused on issues such as HIV, gender based violence, and a culture of peace in fifty-three colleges, institutes and universities of N'Djamena, funded by UNICEF;
  • Training of 240 school mediators (students);
  • From 2013-2015, CSJEFOD established 80 health clubs and citizenship training in 80 colleges, institutes and universities, involving 1040 peer educators, 2729 teachers, and 73816 pupils;
  • Training of teachers, journalists, youth, women, physically disabled people and the security forces on civil education and election observation. Over 59 associations and groups were formed;
  • Organisation of debates, conferences, round tables, concerts, caravans in the city, theater forums, door-to-door sensitisation, and radio and television programmes;
  • Training of national observers for the legislative elections, including both the presidential and municipal elections of 2011 and 2012;
  • Deployment of more that 1080 international observers, including twenty-six for the presidential election in the Republic of Cameroon in 2011, fifty-five for the presidential election in the Republic of Senegal, and three electoral experts for the parliamentary election on 1 April 2012 in the Republic of Gambia and 35 for the parliamentary elections of July 15 in the Republic of Congo.

Technical and financial partners have included: • UNICEF;UNDP;Counterpart International; • Embassy of France in Chad; • Delegation of the European Union; • EISA;

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