Organization for Research and Education (ORE)

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ORE promotes a tolerant interpretation of Islam in order to counter radicalisation and violent conflict in Pakistan.
Last updated: December 2019

The Organization for Research and Education (ORE) is an organisation which aims to transform Pakistan into a truly democratic, liberal, pluralist and tolerant society based on the universal principles of human equality and social justice.

ORE strongly believes that Pakistani society is a natural place for the values which have today acquired universal appeal and global acceptance, as evident through the mutual accommodation of the diversities of Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Baluchi and Sindhi cultural traditions since 1947.

As strategy, ORE believes in social change and research by offering an alternate interpretation of Islam. It is not a deviation from the original sources of Islam but reinterprets them in the light of new social realities. This is the first initiative of civil society in this context. ORE thinks that by offering an alternative interpretation and understanding of Islam, it can resolve the conflict between religion and new social realities.

From March 2009, ORE has worked on a project to establish dialogue forums in different cities and towns of Pakistan. Through these forums, the organisation tries to promote dialogue by bringing the representatives of different segments of civil society under one umbrella. This includes ulema (Islamic scholars) of different sects, activists and lawyers. The initial target of ORE is to work in 12 cities and establish eight forums by mid-2010.

ORE has produced many publications. These include original research as well as translations of academic work done in contemporary Muslim societies. ORE also assembled people from diversified backgrounds for the promotion of women's rights and organised workshops for ulema to engage them in the promotion of women's and girls' education.

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