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Pax Press is a network of journalists promoting peace, human rights, and democracy in Rwanda.

Last updated: April 2021

PAX PRESS is a Non-Governmental Organization with Legal personality number 029/2014, with its head offices located in Nyarugenge district, Kigali City, Tel: 0788735873, represented by Mr. MURENZI K. Janvier, chairman of the board of directors and Legal representative.  The chief functionary of the Organization is the National Coordinator, Mr. TWIZEYIMANA Albert Baudouin. PAX PRESS is governed by its constitution and subject to the provisions of Law n°04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and the functioning of national non-governmental organizations in Rwanda.

PAX PRESS is a network of 174 journalists working with 35 media including 14 radio stations, 10 Newspapers, 4TV, and 6 Websites. Their main aim is promoting peace, human rights, and democracy in Rwanda. In operation since 2006, PAX PRESS focuses on community based reporting by training journalists, dispatching them to the field and facilitating them to collect, process and publish information through media partners. 

PAX PRESS is keen to promote, PEACE, democracy and good governance through coverage, deep analysis and reporting on the implementation of policies and citizens’ participation at all levels of governance. Previous experience demonstrated that PAX PRESS contributed to bring about lasting changes in the lives of people living in poverty and injustice. In so doing, PAX PRESS integrates innovative thinking and practices to ensure that citizens effectively participate in policy planning and implementation.

Starting with 2017, PAX PRESS initiated the specialization of Rwandan Journalists. At least Six clusters stared the specialization. Those clusters include:

  1. Judicial and Human Rights Reporters
  2. Elections and politics Reporters
  3. Gender and children Rights Reporters
  4. Agriculture, Environment and Climate Change Reporters
  5. Health Reporting
  6. Social Accountability Reporters.

PAX PRESS members are skilled and highly experienced local journalists and trainers. Since 2010, PAX PRESS and Syfia International trained and provided continuous support to a big number of Rwandan Journalists.

PAX PRESS's main Objectives are:

1) To build the capacity of journalists to enhance culture of tolerance, peaceful cohabitation, acceptance of opinions, accountability and social justice through media.

2)To stimulate social responsibility among journalists and media houses to monitor public policy process, programs and fight all forms of injustice in Rwanda;

3)To promote freedom of expression, accountability among duty bearers and claim holders through creation of space of dialogue;

4)To strengthen citizens’ participation in public policies and programs formulation, implementation and evaluation processes.

PAX PRESS in Advocacy

  • We use mass media to support communities’ efforts for a positive change 
  • We put pressure on policymakers by improving news coverage of citizens’ concerns
  • We use news making through TV, radio and newspapers to promote public debate, and generate community support for changes in community norms and policies
  • We help policy makers and the general public to more fully engage in creating systemic changes that improve their lives
  • We mobilize the vulnerable and marginalized sections of masses to have a say in politics and public affairs, and undertake development work to improve the well being of communities.

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