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Peacebuilding Hub Liberia is an institution that is working to promote and build peace through innovations and local actions.
Last updated: May 2018

Peacebuilding Hub Liberia (PHub Liberia) is a Liberian non-governmental / not–for-profit institution that is working to promote and build peace through innovations and local actions. PHub works to empower community dwellers and community based organisations, to use locally developed integrated approach to peacebuilding that takes into consideration transforming relationships, human well-being, advocacy, accommodations, policy initiation and refinement, trauma recovery and resilience. Phub is the champion organisation for the 'local first' approach to development and peacebuilding in Liberia.

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PHub exists to ensure a healthier and prosperous society in which individuals, communities, and institutions are forever committed to initiating interventions that contribute to their well-being and foster lasting peace. We advocate and work with locals to develop peacebuilding initiatives that have "locally-led" as essential element

The Peacebuilding Hub strategic areas include; community building; women and youth empowerment; conflict prevention and transformation; research and policy advocacy; and building local capacity for peace. PHub encourages communities to develop systematic approach to local peacebuilding, through which it promotes and advocates for a locally-led approach to peacebuilding and development. PHub uses case studies, films, dramas and other awareness building tools to sensitize communities, while helping to empower them to own and lead their own development efforts. PHub is interested in innovative research to sustain peace, “thinking outside the box” is a core principle; at such PHub commissions and lead research efforts aim at investigating the root causes of conflict and violence with the aim of contributing to the generalization of knowledge and designing of our peacebuilding interventions.

PHub’s peacebuilder incubator provides guidance, resources and a conducive environment for local peace builders and community based organization to grow while at the same time formulating community driven projects.

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Main projects

Phub is implementing the USAID/Mercy Corps Ebola Community Action Platform (E-CAP). The main focus of Phub activities include creating awareness on the prevention of the spread of Ebola and helping communities to fight the spread and prevent the violence associated with dissatisfaction and stigmatization.

Phub is also supporting the Humble Youth project implement a nation-wide Anti-rape campaign. The campaign which was launched in Brewierville city, Montserrado county is in respond to the high rate of deaths associated with rape in several communities in Liberia

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Major achievements

Phub Youth Development Center has provided an environment in which students can have access to the internet and study free of charge. Over 150 young people have made massive improvement in their institutions, while at the same time saving money that would have been used in a commercial internet cafe.

Peacebuilder Incubator has given individuals and Institutions the framework to build their capacities and grow. The Incubator serves more than 20 individuals and 10 Institutions in learning contemporary peace theories to strengthen and improve the general level of work being undertaken.

Ebola Community Action Platform (E-CAP)

Since the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in West Africa, Phub has been actively involved in social mobilization to create awareness and stop the transmission of the deadly virus. Phub is currently working in Sinoe County, with twenty communities , reaching out to more than three thousand persons. Due to thier intervention Sinoe County is one of the least affected counties.

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