Plateforme Interconfessionnelle de la Jeunesse Centrafricaine (PIJCA)

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The PIJCA is an umbrella group that works to bring young people together across religious and political divides in CAR.
Last updated: December 2019

The Plateforme Interconfessionnelle de la Jeunesse Centrafricaine (PIJCA, English: Inter-Confessional Youth Platform of Central Africa) is a member organisation composed of 14 different groups. It works to promote and expand the work of its members in promoting human equality, respect and justice around the Central African Republic. With both Muslim and Christian groups represented, it organises meetings on human rights awareness and social cohesion, and develops communal projects to spread knowledge of shared values. It also helps disseminate information provided by INGOs and other local organisations working around the country.

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Main projects

“Muslim and Christians: Is it possible to live together again?”

This social cohesion campaign works to help young people understand the roots of conflict in CAR and how to find a solution. It has organised radio shows and conferences as a means of spreading understanding.

Social Justice

Street children have become involved in robbing rich Muslims and Christians, often involving violence. The platform worked with young people to highlight that using violence is making the situation worse. 475 children have so far been involved in this programme.

Advocacy and support to Central African refugees based in Chad

After an exchange trip in Cameroon and in Chad to meet with other youth organisations, platform members developed an advocacy stratey to help Central African refugees return to CAR.

Major achievements

The platform's main achievement is the development of several branches in other towns and cities in CAR. Thanks to their work, they have helped reduce the manipulation of children and their incitement to violence in Bangui, and many have voluntarily disarmed.

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