Peace, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Initiative (PRARI)

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PRARI seeks to transform communities in Kenya by training community leaders with in peacebuilding.
Last updated: July 2015

PRARI is a proactive peace building organisation that seeks to transform communities by training and equipping community leaders with peace building tools. It was registered as an NGO in 2011 ,and since then has trained more than 600 hundred peace agents in Molo-Nakuru County, in the Rift Valley region.

PRARI has developed Community-Based Conflict Transformation Programs (CBCTP) which engage communities in peacebuilding and reconciliation by equipping them with peacebuilding tools at the grassroots level in Kenya. These programs have been practically tested and proved to be effective in building mutual trust between the diverse ethnic groups.

For example, it has conducted four village peace forums in Total/Jogoo-Mlima, Ndeffo/Mauche, Kerisoi and Kamwaura.

The Total/Joggo-Mlima and Ndeffo/Mauche seminars were held in 2011 and 2012, respectively, when the general election campaigns were in full swing. Despite the political campaigns, PRARI managed to bring the tribes of Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Kisiis, Luos and Luhyas together in a one-week peace conference, which was launched with a community luncheon at Kamwaura Secondary School where local communities declared "Never again" to violence in unison.

PRARI has organised other peace conferences, including one week-long conference that trained sixty peace agents recruited from the grassroots, which in turn led to the creation of fifteen community-based peace forums. The goal of training each community-based peace forum is to break the cycle of violence that has occurred in the region since 1992, building harmonious socio-cultural structures between formerly rival communities and narratives. Three community leaders from each peace forum were nominated for the purpose of coordination with PRARI to implement the Community-Based Conflict Transformation Programs; PRARI takes pride in being one of the organisations which helped a peaceful general election in 2013.

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