PRONI Center for Youth Development

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PRONI is a youth organisation based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a focus on human rights and peacebuilding.
Last updated: November 2017

PRONI Center for Youth Development is a youth organisation based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. PRONI has a vision that all young people have the ability to develop themselves and equal opportunity to contribute to a democratic and just society in which their needs are acknowledged and resolved. The organisation sees activism, collaboration and understanding among people as an integral part of a democratic and just society.

Youth in Bijeljina after finishing activity in park.

Founded in 1998, PRONI works for the development of a democratic society through:

  • Protection and promotion of human rights; Youth work in the community; Social education;
  • Peacebuilding;
  • Inter-sector cooperation;
  • Supporting youth initiatives; and
  • Promoting EU integration.

PRONI is working on bridging the barriers that create differences within society. The organisation is implementing its peace work education and peace work methodology in the post-war areas where society expressed the need for social reconstruction. They cooperate with all organisations in the NGO sector, institutions, government agencies at all levels within the state, funds and agencies outside of the country that share the same goals and values. They also work with individuals who have intellectual and economic potential to support those ideas, goals and values.

PRONI is working on principles and models of social education based on the experience and positive examples of methodology used in youth work and in work in communities, as applied in the EU. Models of social education promoted and applied thereof are: interactive learning, inter-cultural approach, team-work, individual work, creation of safe areas for development, promotion of volunteerism, awareness-raising among youth about their rights and obligations.

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