Public Foundation "Legal Clinic Adilet"

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Public Foundation "Legal Clinic Adilet" was established in May 2002 to protect human rights and promote freedom.
Last updated: October 2016

Public Foundation "Legal Clinic Adilet" was established in May 2002 for the protection of freedom and human rights by providing access to free legal assistance for wide sections of the population, and rising of legal culture of citizens.

Public Foundation

Since 2002 Legal Clinic Adilet has implemented more than 20 projects. It has partnered with international organizations such as: UNHCR, UNDP,UNFPA, and World Bank. The organisation took part in developing the legal base regarding social support institutions, and a system of juridical support and protection of the rights of people living with HIV, refugees, children, and other vulnerable groups.

The main activities of the organisation include:

  • Providing free legal assistance for vulnerable groups of the population and raising its legal culture.
  • Monitoring and observing the rights of citizens by government bodies.
  • The improvement of legislative bases on important issues.
  • Awareness-rising activities.


Preventing conflict during electoral processes

Funded by the British Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, this project was aimed at creating an enabling environment for conflict resolution. The project involves a tackling threat associated with the emergence of conflicts in the electoral process, in ways such as improvement of the electoral system and the electoral legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of international standards; providing free legal advice through a hotline; and conducting round tables, public and parliamentary hearings.

Legal aspects in conflict prevention project

Funded by UNHCR, this project has been implemented within the framework of a large programme intended to enhance democracy and the rule of law, and to promote peace and stability in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Strengthening ethnic minority rights project

This project was supported by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities between 2010 and 2011.

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