Radio Kar Uba de Moundou

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Radio Soleil's mission is to improve the distribution of basic information in the promotion of a peace culture, values of tolerance and conflict prevention.
Last updated: August 2015

The Radio Soleil Kar Uba was born from an initiative of the Groupe de Recherche Alternative et de Monitoring du Projet Pétrole Tchad-Cameroun (Group of Alternative Research and Oil Project Monitoring in Chad-Cameroon, GRAMP/TC), created in June 2003. After having dedicated three years to the research and establishment of the station, the radio officially launched its programme schedule on December 15th, 2006. The radio covers a 60 km listening radius and has approximately 560,000 listeners. Its mission is to improve the distribution of the results of the GRAMP/TC studies, as well as other types of basic information in the promotion of a peace culture, in values of tolerance and in conflict prevention.

Radio kar Big Conciliation reunion in Deli between stock breeders and farmers covered by Kar Uba, credit: Severin Bouyo

As such, Radio Kar Uba has organised magazines, reports, investigations and interviews on questions of peace and reconciliation. Its work was financed by Cordaid and NED between 2008 and 2011. In 2009, a broadcast and transmission partnership was signed with the Association Tchadienne pour la Non-Violence, in the framework of the project for "Strengthening Capacities of Citizens in Conflict Resolution." Other partnerships were signed with GRAMP/TC and the Association pour la Promotion des Libertés Fondamentales au Tchad (Association for the Promotion of Fundamental Rights in Chad, APLFT), from 2012 to now and in the context of projects relevant to conflict prevention, dialogue and peaceful cohabitation.

Radio Kar 2 Chief of Deli answering Kar Uba's questions, credit: Severin Bouyo

In its usual programme schedule, Kar Uba covers relevant themes such as 'tribunes and reconciliation,' 'rights and duties,' 'good governance,' 'oil and natural resources,' the Kar Uba Forum and the Kar Uba Family, as well as other micro-programmes. During these radio shows, Kar Uba deals with problems of peaceful cohabitation, conflict prevention and the popularisation of the Laokassy Convention of 2010 which governs conflict resolution methods between farmers and herders.

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