Ranao Council Incorporated

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The Ranao Council Incorporated is an organisation working to help meet the needs of Muslim Filipinos.
Last updated: December 2015

The Ranao Council Incorporated is an organisation working to help meet the needs of Muslim Filipinos. It was organised in 1997 by a group of students with the goal of countering or at least softening the impact of the martial law regime upon the community.


The Ranao Council Incorporated has the following objectives:

  • To promote the general welfare of the Muslim Filipinos;
  • To help in the educational development of the Muslim Filipinos at all levels by encouraging the study of technology, arts and pure sciences, and the pursuit of higher education;
  • To help conserve and develop aspects of our culture which are not contrary to Islam and encourage the obliteration of those aspects which are deemed un-Islamic; and
  • To cooperate with other groups in undertaking activities or projects which are designed to benefit the Muslim Communities.
Through the yeras, the Ranao Council Inc. has established two prestigious schools in Lanao del Sur, namely the Ibn Siena Integrated School which provides high quality education to young Muslims in elementary and secondary level, and the Al-Khwarizmi International College where it gives opportunity to those Muslim and Non-Muslim college students who haven't had the change to enter Mindanao State University main campus and be provided the same quality education.

Ranao Council Inc. promotes camaraderie between Muslims and non-Muslims inside the MSU Campus. It is also part of the outgoing reconciliation regarding the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

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