Réseau des organisations des Jeunes en Action pour la paix, la réconciliation et le développement (REJA)

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REJA promotes active participation of young people in democratic processes in Burundi
Last updated: January 2020

Réseau des organisations des Jeunes en Action pour la paix, la réconciliation et le développement (REJA) is a network of 164 youth groups spread throughout Burundi. REJA allows young people to combine their efforts for greater efficiency; it builds the capacity of youth organisations and supports them in entrepreneurial capacity. It also advocates for the inclusion of the needs of young people in public policies and strengthens the capacity of the community members in various themes.

REJA’s goals consist of promoting active participation of young people in democratic processes, as well as their employability and participation in the development of a culture of responsible citizenship.

Major achievements

  • In 2008, with financial support from UNFPA and technical assistance from the UNESCO Office in Burundi, REJA organised a series of capacity building workshops for young people on active participation in the process of peacebuilding and socio-economic integration.
  • With technical and financial support from UNESCO, REJA has trained about 150 young leaders on the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the provinces of Bujumbura Mayorship, Bujumbura Province, Kayanza, Mwaro, Makamba and Cankuzo in 2008-2009.
  • In the context of the 2010 elections in Burundi, with co-financing from the European Union Delegation in Burundi and the Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development, REJA performed jointly with the Scout Association of Burundi a project on civic and electoral education for young people to enable them to become active peace agents during electoral period. 30 young facilitators were trained in each commune where the project was implemented, and transferred knowledge to a further 1,200 young people.
  • With the support of the Belgian NGO 11 11 11, REJA, in conjunction with the Scout Association of Burundi, compiled a document containing some of the major priorities identified by young people and sent it to the Speaker of the National Assembly so that these priorities are taken into account by political parties competing the elections of  2010.
  • REJA and the Scouts have been involved since the beginning of 2013 in a series of national dialogues between young people actively involved in political parties and civil society groups to define a common code of behaviour for peaceful 2015 elections. Over 1,200 young people have joined the talks across the country.

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