Réseau nigérien des ONG et associations de développement de défense des droits de l’homme et de la démocratie (RODADDH)

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the RODADDHD is made up of 35 organisations and Nigerien civil society collectives including development NGOs, human rights leagues, and associations for the defence of the environment, women’s rights or youth rights.
Last updated: December 2017

Created in 2005 under the n° 219 bis/MI/D/DGAPJ/DLP decree of the 23 June 2005, the Réseau nigérien des ONG et associations de développement de défense des droits de l’homme et de la démocratie (Nigerien Network of NGOs and human rights and democracy organisations, RODDADH) is an organisation of 35 Nigerien civil society groups. As a national platform for NGOs, RODADDHD’s main goal is to reinforce the operational and institutional capacities of its members. RODADDHD also acts as a reliable intermediary between the Nigerien government, funders and international organisations on the following themes:

  • Human rights and governance
  • Development and international cooperation
  • Monitoring public funds and international aid
  • International commercial relations (WTO, APE, etc.)

Main projects and activities

Human Rights

  • Supervision of the human rights situation in Niger particularly in the ongoing conflicts in the country.
  • Monitoring the situation of democracy and the rule of law in Niger.
  • Local work with municipalities on matters of sanitation and public health. (integration of the question of AIDS in municipal planning).
  • Preventing and managing conflicts.

Public Aid to Development (APD).

Creation of the National Citizen Observatory of Public Funds and development aid in Niger: In line with the Paris Declaration and in National Consultation on the new SDRP and APD in Niger to study the efficiency of APD in Niger.

Bilateral Commerce and Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and ACP: Advocacy on the impacts of APE in Niger and possible alternatives.

Citizen Control of State Action  (CCAP): Organised monthly information and debate panels and published a monthly informative civil society report

Governance: Participant of the Alliance to rebuild governance in Africa via the national Nigerien scheme

Network and partners

RODADDHD is a member of the REPOAC (Network of Platforms for Western and Central Africa)  (www.repaoc.org) and the FOSCAO, Organisations of Civil Society of Western Africa Forum (www.foscao.org)

RODADDHD also fosters special relations with relevant national NGO, technical and financial platforms and international partners.

RODADDHD is a member of the ad hoc committee in charge of conflict prevention in Niger. This committee was set up in 2001 following a national forum on the prevention of conflicts held in Agadez and financed by the UN in application of the UN Resolution on Conflict Analysis.

Twelve mechanisms were identified and the committee’s mandate was to develop a national strategy on conflict prevention and operationalise mechanisms to prevent high priority conflicts. This is how the national council on conflict prevention was created and formalised in a decree to prevent political conflict. The council serves as a body of consensual propositions made to the government and then submitted to parliament to prevent political misunderstandings.

The committee then travelled around the country to collect amendments from local communities on the 12 mechanisms. This is when another mission added itself to RODADDHD’s mandate, that of diagnosing the causes of mutiny in military barracks. The committee visited all the country’s barracks and recommendations were made to the President who then applied them.

The RODADDHD then organised workshops about the defence and security of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. It also offered its mediation in the armed conflict which opposed the Tuareg rebellion and the government in the north of the country. As well as taking part in workshops on prevention, management and resolution of conflicts organised by the US embassy and the GTZ.


ROADDHD was a member of the group of experts working on the Economic Community of West African States' early warning mechanism, ECOWARN, and participated in the establishment of a mission analysis centre.


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