RESO - Relais pour l’émergence d’une jeunesse sociale

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RESO aims to help citizens become more involved in the democracy-building process in Tunisia.
Last updated: September 2016

Relais pour l'emergence d'une jeunesse sociale (Relay for the Development of Social Youth, RESO) aims to help citizens become more involved in the democracy-building process in Tunisia. It focuses on capacity building to help provide citizens with the tools to do this.

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Main activities and achievements

RESO decided to start by focusing on the issue of employability. It aimed to provide assistance and guidance to help young people build their confidence and improve their career opportunities, to. This has included work to:

  • Match qualifications to suit specific employment opportunities
  • Write persuasive CVs and job applications.
  • Provide interview training and help.

Convinced that democratisation and peacebuilding should start at the local and community leveles, RESO has also created a series of five local workshops, or Houmeta (meaning 'our neighbourhood' in Arabic) in order to promote citizens’ participation in public life. For this, different training sessions focused on the value and ways in which citizens can contribute to local and public life.

RESO has also begun a project called Kolna Baladeya ('we are all the municipality'), in cooperation with the municipality authorities, to encourage young people to be more interactive and contribute to decision-making processes. This includes work on:

  1. Debating: developing communication skills and participating in debates.
  2. Teamwork: how to build an effective and collaborative team.
  3. Petition: introducinge the rules of petitions in TUnisai and how to get public support for a collective issue.
  4. Public administration: providing information about the different mechanisms of the Tunisian administration and the management of community governance.
  5. Citizen journalism: providing training on how citizen media can commuicate alternative information.

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