Réseau des Organisations du Secteur Educatif du Niger (ROSEN)

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ROSEN is a network of Nigerian NGOs and Associations working for the promotion of education, the reduction of poverty and social cohesion in general.
Last updated: December 2017

The Réseau des Organisations du Secteur Educatif du Niger (English: Network of Organisations of the Educational Sector in Niger, ROSEN) aims at facilitating the emergence and the reinforcement of the capacities of member structures in advocacy and campaigning for the access, for all, to a universal, free and quality education. This is done through the mobilisation of public opinion, the exchange of information and experiences, as well as the establishment of sustainable partnerships. Created in 2001 with 14 founding members, ROSEN currently has 44 member NGOs and associations participating in the educational sector.

The CEN (as a result of the latest General Meeting) and ROSEN's personnel have a perfect comprehension of their roles and responsibilities within the structure. Their plans of action are elaborated and regularly reviewed ; they reflect the strategic plan of the network and planning for activities is conjointly orchestrated by the CEN and the personnel. The network has signed employment contracts with the entire personnel ; internal meetings with the personnel and CEN members are regular and participatory. The mechanism for following up on the personnel's activities is meant to improve their capacities in order to better answer to ROSEN's objectives. The personnel is composed of women and men that have appropriate skills for the realisation of its missions. The relation between the CEN and the personnel is participatory and transparent, with a power delegation system recognised by legislative texts.

ROSEN supports civil society's engagement in the national and international dialogue on poverty, HIV/AIDS pandemic, gender equality, the mobilisation of resources and the culture of a responsible citizenship.

ROSEN's objectives are :

  • to contribute to the development of education in Niger
  • to facilitate contact and promote solidarity between community members
  • to push for the capitalisation, improvement and circulation of the methodological knowledge gained by its members
  • to reinforce the technical and organisational capacities as well as the managerial capacities of its members
  • to develop a partnership with the State and other actors working for development
  • to develop research in education
  • to promote equity and equality between men and women
  • to contribute to the enhancement of the internal and external effectiveness of the educational system
  • to harmonise the actions of member organisations on a short, medium and long term
  • to contribute to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), and particularly the EFA (Education For All) objectives
  • to fight against corruption, fraud and HIV/AIDS in schools

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