Rozaria Memorial Trust (RMT)

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RMT was founded in 2003 to promote access to quality education, health and entrepreneurship for young people in resource-poor communities in Zimbabwe.
Last updated: June 2018

Rozaria Memorial Trust (RMT) was founded in 2003 to promote access to quality education, health and entrepreneurship for young people in resource-poor communities. The vision of RMT is a world in which young people and women realize their potential, enjoy their rights and live in dignity. The purpose of the organization is to create opportunities and unleash potential for young people especially girls and young women in resource-poor communities through health, education and entrepreneurship. The core principles of the organization are:

  • Meaningful involvement and participation of communities and young people especially girls in the work and processes of the Trust
  • Applying Human Rights principles and aligning the organization’s work with national, regional and global commitments.
  • Non-discrimination and non-stigmatization, recognizing the core work of the organization related to HIV, child marriage and growing focus on young people with disabilities.

With their offices at Murewa Centre, and most of activities in this district, they have a wide range of partners in Murewa whom they share and collaborate with in their programmes.

RMT is registered as a Trust in Zimbabwe, and has positive collaboration with other organizations and networks. RMT strongly supports the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against women (CEDAW) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

They partner with the following National and District partners: SGBV Prevention Network; The Monitor; Femme Afrique Solidarite; Plan international; American Jewish World Service; Urgent Action Fund-Africa; Huiarou Commission; CoNGO Committees on the Status of Women (CSW) New York & Geneva; AVERT; International AIDS Society; Global Coalition on Women and AIDS; Global Fund for Women and Global Giving Foundation. Rozaria Memorial Trust has a Board of 13 members who oversee the policy work of the organization. The Board is composed of national members with diverse skills. The Board has an Executive Committee which guides the work of the organization in between meetings of the Board. The Board meets three times a year.

RMT is in the process of establishing an Advisory Council to support its work. This is in recognition of the growth of the organization, complexity of work and international outreach. Annual stakeholder and community meetings are held to review and plan for the organization. Project specific inceptions, reviews and consultative meetings are held to ensure stakeholder, partner and beneficiary engagement in the work of the organization. The key programme areas elaborated in the Strategic Plan 2016-2020 are:

  1. Child Marriage – Prevention, Protection and Support
  2. Young Women’s Economic Empowerment: Resources, Technology & Entrepreneurship.
  3. Early Childhood Development and Special Assistance in Education with a special focus on HIV
  4. Young Women’s empowerment, Self-Esteem and Voice including adolescents health with a special focus on SRHR

In order to achieve our objectives and deliver activities, we use various strategies, including Social mobilization, community engagement, Facilitation of safe spaces and platforms. Building skills and knowledge, Mentorship and exchange programme, Research and documentation, Advocacy and Networking and Partnerships.

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