Rwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice

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RFPJ is a network of Ugandan civil society organisations working together under one peacebuilding and human rights promotion platform.
Last updated: November 2019

In 2002, civil society organisations involved in peacebuilding, violence prevention and human rights promotion work in Uganda's Rwenzori region established the Rwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice (RFPJ). By establishing RFPJ, these organisations envisioned aligning their work under one peacebuilding, violence prevention and human rights promotion platform. Under this platform, these CSOs planned to further galvanise civil society, individuals, institutions and other relevant actors, both within and outside of the platform and the Rwenzori region to promote peace and nonviolence. 


RFPJ’s activities focus on: peace advocacy, peace education, peace research and strengthening capacities for peacebuilding and violence prevention.

RFPJ has:

  • Sustained a platform since 2002 for peacebuilding organisations, youth, women groups and other partners and individuals in the Rwenzori region to interact, learn from one another and popularise the culture of non-violence, peace and justice for all.
  • Researched on and documented peacebuilding and conflict management issues in the Rwenzori region (Traditional African Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution, 2007; contextual analysis of conflicts in the Rwenzori region, 2012; Land conflicts in the Rwenzori region, 2016; women and youth agendas, 2015-2021 among others).
  • Galvanised different local, regional and national actors using media, grassroots, regional and other platforms to enhance consciousness about and commitment to the culture of peace, justice, mutual respect and enhancement.
  • Helped fund, nurture and support both new and old peace building organisations and grassroots structures to consolidate their peace building and conflict management mandates.

Participants and beneficiaries of RFPJ’s work are estimated to be 3 million people.

RFPJ’s partners include: Kabarole Research and Resource Centre, Association of Human Rights Organizations, Rwenzori Women’s Forum, Kind-Uganda and Anti-Mines Network. International partners include International Alert and the Democratic Governance Facility.

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