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Save Ukraine Help Center is a joint initiative of Christian churches, community organisations and volunteers which helps people who are in difficultly.
Last updated: December 2019

Save Ukraine Help Center is a joint initiative of Christian churches, community organisations and volunteers which works to help people who are in difficult circumstances. The organisation aims to build peace by saving people through its main areas of work:

  • Evacuation of people from conflict areas
  • Help to IDPs
  • Humanitarian, medical, and legal aid
  • Social rehabilitation of children
  • Restoration of ruined houses
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  • Save Ukraine Help Center organised forty canteens throughout Donetsk and Luhansk regions for vulnerable people who have no access to food. Furthermore, the organisation distributes food and non food kits items including clothes, medicine, and hygiene kits for vulnerable people living in conflict areas. Humanitarian aid comes mostly from abroad and is delivered to people in the conflict area.
  • One of the key priorities of Save Ukraine Help Center is to help children. It thus carries out activities including collecting donations, searching for doctors and medical institutions to treat children and to provide them with all they need in terms of physical and emotional health.
  • In order to integrate children into the community in September just before start of the school year, volunteers and missionaries organised an outdoor mobile camp for children which included sport activities and music concerts in the Donetsk region. The most vulnerable children received backpacks bought with donations.
  • International missionaries visit Save Ukraine Help Center to share experiences and give recommendations on how to help people, and thus to help integrate IDPs and help build peace in Donbass.

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Save Ukraine has:

  • Evacuated more than 55,000 people.
  • Resettled over 8,000 people (including over 3,000 children) in places of compact settlement.
  • Opened more than sixty dining facilities in the conflict area
  • Collected and delivered more than 4,000 tons of food.
  • Distributed over 50,000 food parcels in the conflict area
  • Due to project "From family to family", over 522 children were sent for rest and recovery in the USA, Germany, Latvia and the Czech Republic.
  • In an initiative joint with the Lukhansk administration, 286 children were sent for rehabilitation in Odessa, Kiev and Vinnitsa.
  • 787 tons of humanitarian supplies (clothes, shoes, medicines) delivered.
  • 23 volunteer psychologists provided psychological assistance
  • In Slovyansk and in the suburbs 110 buildings were restored, of which 4 houses were rebuilt. (A good example is the reconstruction of the orphanage " The Sails of Hope" in Slavyansk).
  • More than 200 homes were provided with construction materials.
  • More than 200 homes have been provided with firewood for the winter.
  • Distributed more than 100 ovens, especially potbelly stoves for cooking and heating for the families in the conflict area.

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