Society for Empowering Human Resource (SEHER)

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By empowering the marginalised segments of the society SEHER aims to help build a prosperous Pakistan free from violence.
Last updated: December 2019

Society for Empowering Human Resource (SEHER) has been providing  services since 1998 with a vision of a prosperous and violence-free society with a mission to empower marginalized segment of society to assert their social, economic and political rights.

The core purpose of SEHER is to address human misery with a special focus on vulnerable segments of society, especially women, children, minorities, refugees, the disabled, abused and the poorest of the poor. SEHER, being a rights based social reformatory organisation, adopts a holistic approach towards rights based development initiatives upholding the human rights.

SEHER uses a rigorous approach in analyzing aspects that contribute to oppression, injustice, violence, vulnerability, discrimination, abuse and poverty in the society while treating the survivors as subjects of the change process.

SEHER is guided by a vision of a society where the poorest, marginalized, socially excluded and unreachable are empowered to overcome their poverty, social, political and economic burdens and enjoy equal human rights and opportunities in order to lead a life of dignity and self-fulfilment. To achieve such a gigantic task and multi-dimensional vision SEHER as an NGO may not be the sole remedial force, so it also pursues the strengthening of intra-organisational capacities through partnerships, alliances building, advocacy efforts, campaigns and programme cooperation at operational as well as policy levels.

SEHER believes in right based culture where norms and values of social justice, guarantees of self-respect, availability of equal rights with equal opportunities and a uniform road to the destination of development process for all segments of society prevail. SEHER consistently aims to make its contribution towards the development of such a culture.

SEHER works principally on:

-      Poverty Alleviation -      Women Empowerment -      Child Protection -      Legal Empowerment -      Countering HIV/Aids -      Democracy, Peace & Human security -      Emergency Response

The impact of donations

SEHER's vision is to create and establish a “prosperous and violence free society”. In this regard, SEHER has envisioned and developed a strategy that is truly based on a participatory approach by engaging with the community as a whole. At community level SEHER, embarks on promoting community peace building networking by training and supporting local ad religious communities on a “Self Help” basis as a “Volunteer Peace Monitors”, to promote peace activities in their respective communities and areas. In general, the Volunteer Peace Monitors promotes reconciliation between individuals, divided communities, groups through dialogue, mediation and facilitation of peace processes. In particular for women and child violence cases, the volunteer peace monitors refers to the community/religious leaders or appropriate authorities. Generally, the Volunteer Peace Monitors are the SEHER peace change makers working hard to bring positive social change in their respective communities; seeking new ideas and answers to the current challenges and problems local people face and helping them think creatively for the an innovative future. They are trained and well equipped with a deep knowledge of conflict resolution and substantial skills and knowledge for community mobilisation in addressing their needs in and constructive, inclusive and non-violent manner. In order to get the work done in a prescribed manner, funds are required.

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