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Shared Future News is an online publication dedicated to providing news, information, and personal stories on the topics of peacebuilding, reconciliation, and diversity.

Last updated: January 2023

Shared Future News publishes to an audience interested in the history and politics of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We believe that it is important to spread the news of those working for a shared future in Northern Ireland.

Our vision is a shared Northern Irish society where peace is improved by reporting and storytelling.

Our mission is to develop civic journalism in the province of Ulster.

Our objective is to provide depth and context to peacebuilding activities in Northern Ireland and the border counties.

Our activities benefit those who wish to improve their research, writing, and journalism skills in Northern Ireland.

Shared Future News publishes a free-to-access website of articles that provides evidence in the public domain of peacebuilding work in and about Northern Ireland. We provide a platform for voices and perspectives that are underreported elsewhere, and to encourage participatory democracy in Northern Ireland.

Our training services improve the research, writing, and journalism skills of participants and their networks. We work in school and local community environments, and for private and public sector clients. Every event is an engagement with opportunities to improve civic discourse in Northern Ireland.

Almost 500 articles have been published at Shared Future News, covering topics such as religion, segregation, integration, education, youth, sectarianism, women, justice, victims and survivors, trauma, equality, peace walls, art, the border, and Brexit. We also publish short research articles, on topics including culture, bonfires, reconciliation, policing, housing, language, parades, flags, sport, and the cost of division. We keep an online chronology of over 25 years of the Northern Ireland peace process and community relations policy up to date.

For the centenary of Northern Ireland, Shared Future News produced a podcast, What Northern Ireland Means to Me, consisting of two dozen interviews with civic and political voices. This project was complemented by a book published with the same title:

Shared Future News is regularly represented at conferences, events, and festivals that touch on the themes of peacebuilding and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, and provides input on panels and bespoke training to community and educational programmes.

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