Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)

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SMKK promotes peace in Bangladesh through education and livelihoods training.
Last updated: January 2017

Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK) was established in 1996 and implements integrated development projects in Bangladesh. The organisation has a particular focus to address the rights of children and women in order to improve their livelihoods.

The long term vision of SMKK is to empower its target beneficiaries through education, training and development approaches ensuring social and economical development, free from injustice and discrimination where children, women and men live with dignity.

The mission of SMKK is is to provide technical and financial support, enabling target beneficiaries through their active participation (men, women and children) in various development programmes to generate income and employment opportunities for sustainable development and livelihoods. It builds community based institutions to address social issues those are directly or indirectly dominating the process of their development.

Implicit in the programme strategy is a belief in the efficacy of strengthening the demand side of the services equation based on the needs of target beneficiaries.

SMKK peacebuilding activities:

Peace Education Child Program

SMKK conducted the "Peace Education Child Program" in the southern part of Bangladesh. Through this training community awareness increased, campaigns conducted on the importance of peace education and role of parents, provided active support for the continuation of education of very poor families.

Emergency Relief Work and Rehabilitation for SIDR and Aila victims

During 2007-2009 SMKK participated in rehabilitation and relief work in SIDR and Aila affected areas. They supported more than 6,300 families with food, medicine, shelter, health and livelihood security.

Networking & Advocacy for Child Rights in Bangladesh

The aim of the programme is to build a just peaceful society free from discrimination, violence and ensure child rights through networking and advocacy. The main activities of this programme are awareness raising on human rights and child trafficking, awareness raising training for community members on child rights and the role of the community to combat child trafficking, and reducing hazardous work for children.

Women Development capacity building programme for marginalised people

SMKK organises training and technical support for employment creation, to raise skills and capabilities of target beneficiaries, including women, to enhance entrepreneurial attitudes, to build the institutional capabilities of community based groups, and to improve the leadership to implement different development programmes. 


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