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Siraj works to provide development opportunities for young people, children, women and workers to ensure the protection of human rights in Yemen.
Last updated: July 2015

Siraj Foundation was created in 2010 by a group of socio-political and socioeconomic youth activists. After being active in the Yemeni scene for some years with international, regional and local programmes and projects, they grew very fast and continue to be very promising. They have maintained a spirit of team work, as well as a balance of genders in the group composition. With a core that is based on dedication, volunteerism, achievements, delivery and hard work – Siraj is reflected very positively in the project outcomes that have been achieved so far.


Siraj Foundation works to provide development opportunities for young people, children, women and workers to ensure the protection of human rights, including contributing to the creation of effective community development. The foundations' principles include transparency, honesty, teamwork, quality and participation.

Siraj is composed of a Founders' group, volunteers, a board of trustees and an executive board.


Siraj works to conduct studies and research related to economic, social, environmental and other phenomena. A key aim is to support the development of children, young people, women and perople with disabilities, by supporting them socially and culturally. It aims to serve workers and improve their conditions in various areas to serve the public interest, and contribute to the development of social security.

Activities in 2014


  • Establishing small businesses and an emerging Youth Fund funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.
  • Strengthening constructive relations between the community and the government with the support of the International Organization for Migration.
  • Working to facilitate the transition process supported by the International Organization for Migration.
  • Providing logistical support to the coalition Alwane whicho works in 8 provinces of Yemen - Yemen Committee of the International Campaign for Women.
  • Participating in the establishment of the Yemeni network to promote the rule of law.
  • Participating in a civil reinforcement network including more than 100 organisations.
  • Supporting a project to strengthen the involvement of young people to support the output of the national dialogue conference of the territory of the Tihama.
  • Educating women about the dangers of early marriage in partnership with the Arab Association for Human Rights.

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