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Sithumina provides multi-ethnic and multi-religious forums for Sri Lankan communities to develop a sense of unity with their neighbours.
Last updated: December 2014

Sithumina aims for the promotion of peace and development in the family, community, and the country. They work in the region of Kahatagasdigiliya, a multi-ethnic region that has for generations been home to Tamils, Muslims, and Sinhalese, to counteract the destructive ideologies that come out of the conflict and threaten to destabilise the community.

Multi-ethnic Pre-schools

Since 2000, Sithumina has been involved in the establishment of multi-ethnic pre-schools in villages in Kahatagasdigiliya and the surrounding area, as an alternative to the existing method of separating pre-school children according to ethnicity. The schools include children from the Sinhalese, Muslim, and Tamil communities, and represent the various religions within those groups. The teachers are also drawn from all these ethnicities and religions and are specially trained in working with multi-ethnic groups. The goal of the schools is to teach Sri Lankan children, and by extension their parents, the value of mutual respect and friendship between different ethnicities.

Celebrating Festivals of All Religions

In order to emphasise the right of each religion in the region of Anuradhapura to celebrate their festivals, and to improve inter-religious cooperation, Sithumina promotes the celebration of the major festivals of each religion on a cross-community level. Celebrating significant festivals of all religions provides an opportunity for the villages to congregate, and to respect and support each other's religions; promoting religious and ethnic harmony in the area.

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