Sudanese Studies Centre (SSC)

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The SSC is a centre of research and discussion on all aspects of Sudanese life. that aims to make peace a practical, living aspect of Sudanese life.
Last updated: December 2018

The SSC is a centre of research and discussion on all aspects of Sudanese life. By emphasising diversity and the plurality of cultures, the Centre aims to make peace a practical, living aspect of Sudanese life, rather than just a theory.

Every year this organisation focuses on a different issue. Currently the Centre is establishing a democratic library which will contain over 600 books. The library will be developed into a democracy and peace unit which will offer training and teachings on democracy and how to practice peace in real life. The target group is young people. The Centre have also translated two important books: the first by Ahmed Khair, Minister of Foreign Affairs (one of founders of the democratic library); and the second Democracy Under Test by Mohamed Ahmed Mahjoob, former Prime Minster of Sudan, who participated in the independence movement.

The Sudanese Studies Centre also holds lectures about the practical nature and application of peace, rather than just written theories. These workshops answer various practical questions, for example 'how do people actually practice peace and how do people act peacefully?'. The organisation considers it to be their duty as part of civil society to work towards changing written works into real life social interactions.

The Centre has learnt that young people have the desire and power to change their lives. They regularly attend lectures at the Centre, and as a result their knowledge of their country is growing. This will have a positive impact on Sudan's future. SSC have also learnt not to depend on papers and what people write. An organisation's success must depend on interacting with society and seeing the real needs of the community.

Human Rights and Peace Workshop

The aim of this workshop was to raise people's awareness around a number of topics such as human rights in peace agreements and the most effective way of building peace in the Sudan. The SSC invited many people from different groups within the Sudan. The aim of the workshop was to raise the awareness among a variety of people of their rights and their role in peace.

It was clear from the large audience that the goals of the workshop were achieved. The audience freely discussed the history of the conflict in the Sudan and how the education system played a role in the conflict in the South. They found that in education nothing is said about the role which southern people have had and continue to have in saving the Sudan, and that only northern people have been mentioned in History.

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