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Studio Re is a media organisation in Georgia with long experience of producing documentaries on peacebuilding and reconciliation.
Last updated: November 2017

Studio Re was founded in 1992 as a creative television team. Since 1995 it has been producing and broadcasting TV debates covering a range of socio-political programs. Colleagues from Tskhinvali and Sokhumi frequently participate in TV programmes via Skype conference calls.

All along three years, studio has been preparing TV programs visualizing projects focusing on trust building and reconciliation between Georgian- Abkhazian, Georgian and South Ossetian communities, implemented by various civil society organizations in Georgia. Thus we try to contribute in awaring public on activities that have been implemented to secure future peace relations between conflict divided communities 

Studio Re has secured wide cooperation with regional media and supported the establishment of community radio stations in the minority settled Ninotsminda and Marneuli regions and Gori municipality close to de facto South Ossetia borderline.

"Studio Re" has long experience of producing documentaries on peacebuilding and reconciliation:

  • With the support of Conciliation Resources, Studio Re produced a documentary Hoping for Peace, the first collaboration between Georgian and Abkhaz journalists since the start of the conflict in Abkhazia. The documentary tells the story of Georgian IDPs who risked their lives to return to their abandoned homes. The film premiered in Tbilisi and Sokhumi, and was then shown in Moscow, Washington DC, New York and London.
  • It produced a second Georgian-Abkhaz documentary – Northern Ireland (supported by Conciliation Resources) - on the long-standing conflict between Catholics and Protestants in the region.
  • The third cooperation of Georgian and Abkhaz Journalists was a documentary Karabakh, that provided an opportunity for two conflicting parties to produce a balanced, unbiased and objective film in a relatively similar setting. The production process also involved Armenian and Azerbaijani journalists.
  • Abkhazia: One Side of the Conflict and Ten Years and Still Waiting to convey the fears and concerns of the two sides as well as their attitudes and their aspirations. The films seek to break down the stereotypes endemic in both societies (supported by Conciliation Resources).
  • Dignity Tested by War focused on the Abkhaz conflict. The aim was to introduce people living in Abkhazia to a new generation of Georgians who were born after the conflict. The film features individuals who maintained relations with residents of Abkhazia before and after the war. (supported by the Canadian International Development Agency).
  • Alienation Syndrome produced dedicated to ethnic minority integration into Georgian society (Supported by CTC).
  • The absence of Will, a film survey followed young people's journey through Georgia’s conflict zones to reveal the reason why conflicts have been initiated and what are challenges in the resolution process.
  • The August War Verdict was an attempt to analyze unresolved conflicts in the recent history of Georgia. It demonstrates the opinions of governmental officials, experts, journalists and other people from the Georgian, Ossetian and Abkhaz sides (Supported by the United States Institute of Peace).

The Naetgazeti media system automatically uploads Studio Re's programmes, which are also aired weekly by 15 regional TV companies.  Studio's TV programs are broadcast by  TV company "Starvision" and radio versions aired by Radio "Maestro" 

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