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Studio Tamani produces news bulletins and other radio programmes designed to help strengthen peace and reconciliation in Mali.
Last updated: December 2019

Studio Tamani is a daily radio news programme about Mali, which since August 2013 offers newspapers in 5 languages (French, Bambara, Peulh, Tamasheq, Sonrhaï), a big debate programme "Le Grand Dialogue", and news or thematic magazines. All content is produced by a team of Malian journalists based in Bamako with a network of correspondents throughout the country.

Studio Tamani's programme is broadcast daily for three hours by a network of more than 70 partner radio stations across Mali. Studio Tamani was created by Fondation Hirondelle, a Swiss organisation that supports the creation of independent news media in crisis zones, in partnership with URTEL (Union des radios et télévisions libres du Mali).

 The mission of Studio Tamani is to contribute to peace, reconciliation and dialogue between all sectors of the population in Mali.

The organization sees the media as having a key role in the consolidation of peace in Mali, informing people about what is happening, countering rumours and hate speech and facilitating dialogue between the different actors in the crisis, thus contributing to national reconciliation. However, while the current local media landscape is pluralistic, it lacks quality reporting and faces a widespread problem of corruption and strong external pressure from political and military authorities. Private and community media sources are often fragile and dependent on political or personal favouritism.

Studio Tamani responds to this need for independent, reliable and informative news with a project that supports existing radio networks and provides broadcasts in the form of national news and debates in five languages, accessible to the entire population.

Tamani Studio is designed to address the particular challenges of national reconciliation and peace-building in Mali and is implemented in partnership with URTEL (Union des radios et télévisions libres du Mali), one of the oldest independent community radio station organizations in Africa. Tamani, the name of a small djembe drum popular in Mali's musical heritage, will serve as a positive image for a project focused on facilitating and promoting dialogue among all Malians.

Tamani Studio produces news bulletins and other radio programmes designed to help strengthen peace and reconciliation in Mali. Tamani Studio programs are broadcast by 24 partner radio stations throughout the country. By the end of the year, more than 60 community radio stations will be associated with Studio Tamani, with broadcasts throughout Mali in five languages.

Tamani Studio is based at the Maison de la Presse (Press Centre) in Bamako. It is a joint initiative of Mali's main community radio network URTEL, a specialist in "peace media" Fondation Hirondelle and the European Union, which is funding the project. The Tamani Studio project is part of a larger programme managed by the NGO Interpeace.

Some fifteen Malians have been recruited to the Tamani Studio team. They will use their skills and professionalism to produce independent, impartial and useful information that meets the needs of citizens. Programmes will be broadcast for two hours a day in French, Bambara, Sonrhaï, Tamasheq and Peulh. The programs aim to promote dialogue between communities, support the democratic process and help citizens understand what is at stake in the political reconstruction of Mali. Fondation Hirondelle intends to use this project to strengthen the capacities of Malian radio stations that are partners of Studio Tamani.

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