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SUPPORT Nepal works to reduce inequalities facing Nepal's minority groups in an effort to ensure a sustainable peace.
Last updated: November 2017

Established in 1996, Support Nepal (SNP) works to address the inequalities and development challenges being faced by minority groups. The increasing focus of SNP has been on providing support to communities and to develop processes that promote the inclusion of minority and marginalised groups.


Democratic governance

In order to address what the organisation sees as a highly centralized and politicized government policy formation process SNP works to:

  • Develop of effective communication strategies and media mobilization for raising mass awareness on governance issues and demand for good governance.
  • Capacity building of local CSOs and local communities in engaging the process of local governance and developments in conflict affected and rural areas.
  • Build interfaces between local government agencies and local groups to promote people’s voice in local governance processes.
  • Build an information base for proper planning of local development.
  • Support local groups in demanding transparent and effective service delivery mechanisms in rural areas.

Human Rights

SNP believes exclusion of minorities in the state institutions have led to marginalization of minorities’ participation or agenda setting in the mainstream of Nepal’s civil society and human rights movements. To tackle this the work of the organisation includes:

  • Raising awareness on the minority rights agenda though open public discussions, traditional means of communication, and electronic media.
  • Capacity building of minority rights advocates and activists to participate meaningfully in the dialogue of state restructuring and federalism.
  • Policy advocacy with the statutory bodies and other state agencies to protect and promote the rights of minorities.
  • Promoting role of minority women in women rights movements.
  • Organization of national and international roundtables and workshops to share information, establish networking and develop collaborative actions to promote and protect the rights of minorities.
  • Knowledge exchange on peaceful ways and means of protecting and promoting the rights of persons belonging to minorities in transitional settings.


SNP believes one of the main causes of Nepal's conflict was the exploitation, discrimination, marginalization and social exclusion of minority groups. While the demand for a federal governing system is largely to addressing this problem, obstacles still remain. In this regard the organisation works to:

  • Improve the quality of social and economic life and help sustain peace in most vulnerable and conflict-affected areas by delivering small-scale "Immediate Impact Micro Projects (IIMPs)" focused at tangible benefits through participatory, inclusive community-led action planning.
  • Strengthen the capacity of local peace focused institutions in identifying and facilitating issues of conflict victims and addressing causes of tension.
  • Support the localization of national peace instruments and action plans.
  • Support to local administration in opening window of opportunity to the victims of conflict.
  • Build a culture of peace though peace education, peace journalism, conflict sensitive program planning and wider engagement of stakeholders in the process.
  • Facilitate increased participation and issues of minorities in peacebuilding efforts at local, regional and national level.

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