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Through a range of activities, Syri i Vizionit encourage people to enforce democratic practices and promote good governance, accountability and transparency.
Last updated: June 2015

Syri i Vizionit: ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’

Syri i Vizionit aims to promote local democracy and the participation of the Kosovan people. In its continuous efforts for democratic practices Syri i Vizionit gives a special role to the promotion of good governance, accountability, transparency and public participation in decision-making.

In line with these objectives, since its establishment in 1999 NGO Syri i Vizionit has intervened with around 100 projects in various sectors of society, including democratisation, peace-building, promoting human rights, civil society empowerment, monitoring institutions, economic development, urban mobility, social dialogue, networking with other organisations and other activities that are implemented with its own work and through networks with partners.

Peace building

In terms of peace building, Syri i Vizionit has developed a great number of projects so far. Since 2003 SiV has been part of the DRC funded KIP Program together with other NGOs from Serbia and Montenegro, supporting return and reintegration in Kosovo. Thirty different projects were implemented in the region under the auspices of this program.

Dealing with the past is also part of the peace building. RECOM Coalition is a network of over 1,000 NGOs from the former Yugoslav countries that affirms the establishment of an Independent Commission to publically investigate and prove facts about war crimes during the conflict in the 90s.


Supporting the return of the Roma community displaced during the Kosovo war, in '7 Shtatori' neighbourhood of Peja, Syri i Vizionit developed the program for their reintegration into society. Under this program were employed 28 returnees, while institutions providing services to them, such as a neighbourhood family medicine centre and the school were provided with work equipment; classes for preschool children and illiteracy eradication courses were also held with Roma community members, etc. The '7 Shtatori' neighbourhood was one of the only return programs which was accompanied with employment and other constant support

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