Syrian Non-Violence Movement

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The Syrian Non-Violence Movement is a non-state, non-governmental, non-profit organisation established by a group of Syrian activists in 2012.
Last updated: July 2016

The Syrian Non-Violence Movement is a non-state, non-governmental, non-profit organisation established by a group of Syrian activists in 2012. The guiding principle of the activists was the belief that non-violent activism and civil resistance represented the most effective means to achieve social, cultural and political change. It is committed to promoting and defending human rights regardless of politics, beliefs and ethnicity.

Description of activities

The Syrian Non-Violence Movement involves itself in initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of the most vulnerable in society, including children and prisoners.

  • Samedoon: an audio series that presents real letters for detainees in the Syrian’s regime prisons to their families and friends. It sheds the light on their lives, and how they suffer and carry on with strong will despite all the pain, torture and humiliation they endured. Samedoon is a joint project between Detainees Voice and the Syrian Non-Violence Movement (
  • Talking to Myself: a joint video series between the Syrian Non-Violence Movement and Malas Twin. The series talks about building the future of Syria and how critical issues can be tackled (
  • Why the Victory got Delayed: an audio series produced by the Syrian Non-Violence Movement. It talks about the "victory" that everyone is looking forward to and the problems of the revolution in Syria. It consists of 11 episodes (
  • Shakhabeet: a series of a short animated films, produced by the SNVM, and created by a team of Syrian artists, scriptwriters, and directors from the BirAjam Production House. The 17 episodes offered a variety of ideas and analysis about the events of the Syrian revolution, presenting insights of change and raising awareness towards the value and effectiveness of non-violence. They have a wider focus on humanity, democracy, social values, and civil peace, and are extending beyond the current events to remind people of human responsibility in times of peace and war (
  • Non-violence map: produced a map of non-violence activities during the Syrian Civil War. The interactive map visualises many civil initiatives that emerged during the civil war. (
  • Dignity Strike: it has conducted several grassroots initiatives since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, such as "Dignity Strike in Syria".
  • Freedom Days: The group gathered other non-violence groups under an umbrella called "Freedom Days" which organised and planned many non-violent activities and projects during the Syrian Revolution.

Sources of funding

Sigrid Rausing Trust: has supported SNVM since 2012; total funds received to date: £170,000.

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