Solidarity Association for Social and Cultural Development (Tadamon)

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Tadamon promotes the education of woman and children's rights in Lebanon.
Last updated: December 2019

The mission of Solidarity Association for Social and Cultural Development (At -Tadamon in Arabic) established in December 2005, is to promote women’s education and rights, as well as children’s social, educational, cultural and economic situation, for all Palestinians in Lebanon.

The organisation’s objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of woman’s rights and protect women from all forms of gender based discrimination and violence.
  • Raise awareness of children’s rights and protect children from abuse and exploitation, especially the vulnerable ones and those with special needs. They need protection from early labor and military recruitment.
  • Empower women vocationally and economically.
  • Alleviate psychological problems faced by Palestinian women, children and young people, especially those caused by domestic violence and human rights violations.
  • Decrease the drop-out rates among the students of UNRWA schools, especially with the crisis the international organization is facing.
  • Provide special protection for children involved in child labor, and raise awareness on the refugees' rights to work in dignity and lobby to amend Lebanese laws.
  • Mobilize communities to advocate for women and children.

New Start project

This protection program works with children and young people involved in the worst forms of child labor and abuse. The New Start project is comprised of activities such as awareness raising, literacy classes as education is the most important tool to fight poverty and empower refugees, school integration, psycho-social care, vocational training and community sensitization.

Better future

This life skills program targets children and young people. Activities include training and recreational activities around anger and emotions management, fighting drug addiction, resolving peer-to-peer conflicts and communication so young refugees can integrate better in hosting communities.

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Women's equality

The organisation’s equality program targets Palestinian women and comprises: Awareness activities focusing on gender-based discrimination, fighting early marriages, violence undermining women's rights. They provide training focused on women’s and children’s health, vocational training to empower women financially, delivering grants to support income generation activities for women. Follow up and counselling for abused and battered women. Life skills training for resolving problems caused by violence. Community mobilization and advocacy related to protecting women from all kinds of violence.

Solidarity also runs small scale women’s and children’s awareness workshop sessions in all Palestinian communities and camps in Lebanon.

It has included 5,000 families of Palestinian refugees from Syria in all its programs, especially children in five Palestinian camps in Lebanon. They benefit from psychological and financial support as well as vocational training.

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