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The Diplomatic Insight is a bilingual English/Arabic, magazine, the first of its kind in Pakistan. It aims to connect a diverse community to provide publicity, create general awareness and inspire action on the burning issues facing Pakistan and the world.
Last updated: March 2019

The Diplomatic Insight, a bilingual, English/Arabic, magazine, is the first of its kind in Pakistan. It aims to connect a diverse community to provide publicity, create general awareness and inspire action on issues facing Pakistan and the world.

It provides in-depth, objective analysis of social, economic and political developments in Pakistan. It acts as a bridge between diplomatic missions, UN agencies, NGOs, and the business community in Pakistan to come together in a single platform. The magazine provides a forum for new avenues of interaction and dialogue, and is thus promoting peace, understanding and cooperation between different people, groups and nations.

The Diplomatic Insight also organises seminars, conferences and workshops with diplomats, and highlights various events connected to international politics, peace and conflict studies. The magazine's network of writers around the world report on peace building initiatives, development issues, and Pakistan's domestic and foreign policy.

The Diplomatic Voice Radio Channel

Diplomatic Insight has now launched a new initiative, the Diplomatic Voice Radio Channel. This new radio channel intends to provide an opportunity for the diplomatic community to interact with the local community through communications and dialogue thus putting a message across of peace, harmony and cooperation coupled with image building, publicity and promotion.

The radio would provide live coverage, news, documentaries, music, entertainment, interviews  in various UN languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Urdu. The channel initially covers Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and some areas of AJK, and work is underway to extend it across the country.

Diplomatic Voice Radio Channel offers the following services for embassies, missions and resident representatives across the globe:

• Coverage of events, press conferences, news, cultural programs, information about countries , opportunities about education, entertainment, cross cultural, linguistic programs, special programs on National Days of the countries • Publicity and image building opportunities within Pakistan • Interviews with ambassadors, visiting dignitaries, personalities and representatives of the diplomatic community • Programmes in different languages of diplomatic and vernacular languages • Promotion peace and harmony among people and various groups • Advertisement opportunities to business community

The Institute of Peace and Diplomacy

A final recently established initiative is the Institute of Peace and Diplomacy (IPD). The website is currently under construction. The IPD is an independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit think tank that aims to provide strength to global peace through dialogue and diplomacy by sharing knowledge, research, analysis and policy development in the areas of peace-diplomacy, peace-building, conflict resolution, conflict transformation and conflict management. Its main objective is to provide neutral space to stakeholders to share ideas, exchange views, experiences, understanding of the issues through innovative research and practices worldwide. IPD aims at connecting diverse groups and disciplines including experts, researchers, academicians, non-governmental organisations from across the globe working in conflict zones with the sole purpose of creating sustainable peace in countries and communities facing traditional and non-traditional security threats.

Geographical Regions:  

·     Kashmir ·     South Caucasus (Nagorno-Karabakh) ·     Cyprus ·     Afghanistan ·     Middle East

Research Areas:

·     Cultural and Trade Diplomacy ·     Interfaith Harmony/Dialogue Amongst Religions ·     Cultural and Trade Diplomacy ·     Conflict Sensitive Journalism ·     Immigration/Refugees/ Human Rights ·     Civilians Efforts in Peace building and Conflict Management ·     Women, Peace and Security ·     Arms Control and Disarmament/ Small Arms and Light Weapons ·     Pakistani Youth and Global Connections ·     Piracy ·     Anti-Money Laundering /Terrorist Financing

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