Tribal Rights Watch (TRW)

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TRW highlights the impact of the violence the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA regions of Pakistan, on civilians, who are most commonly the victims of fighting.
Last updated: December 2019

Tribal Rights watch is a non-Political organization which purely works under the social services assignments for the social and economic uplift of the poor people of these remote areas in particular and adjacent settled area in general.

This organization renders its social work services for the welfare of local/ social community and other people of the area. In view of upset and risky environments of FATA all most all NGOs have stopped their social welfare projects hence, social works program has been finished however the main sufferers are children, women and old sick people who have been deprived of these necessities of life along with their fundamental rights.

This organization extends its best services in the field of social sector reforms regarding provision of education and health facilities to boost up the living standard of tribal to bring them at par with developed areas of the country and this development process is covered at national and international level through an effective media.

The majority of the population including, Elders, Social workers, Educationist, Advocates, Journalists, Students etc participate in the social schemes and provide their ideal thinking and guidelines for the social and cultural development.

Through seminars, workshops, and public gathering involving prominent members of society, TRW is helping build peace and harmony in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA. The project also aims to cover and collect data of missing people due to conflict in FATA.

June 2013 update

After the recent elections in Pakistan, Tribal Rights Watch have continued their peacebuilding activities, including running a workshop on peace, development and democracy in Peshawar. Various political, social and human rights activists were invited.



'Peace Volleyball' tournament

In 2012, TRW organised a 'Peace Volleyball' tournament to encourage young people towards peace using practical activities. Some photos are included below.

Tribal Rights Watch volleyball

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