African Union Club - Ivory Coast (UACI)

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UACI was established to promote the values of the African Union and is actively engaged in building peace in Ivory Coast.
Last updated: December 2017

The African Union Club was established in June 1998 with the intention of bringing African civil society together and appropriate the values of the pan-African organisation such as democracy, human rights, promotion of gender and youth, the fight against poverty, economic development and the political unity of Africa.

The African Union Club runs campaigns for civic education and awareness on the electoral process, human rights, social cohesion, against the use of child labour on farms, education for peace and non-violence in schools, knowledge of the land code, division of lands of the villages, issuance of land certificates and securing rural land rights.

The Democracy and Good Governance programme conducted election observations in Ivory Coast as well as civic education campaigns on the use of the ballot, training women for an active participation in the electoral process and education for school age children on good citizenship.

The Human Rights Campaign promotes awareness of rural land codes, support for young women and the protection of their rights, their access to land, against female genital mutilation, support to women victims of sexual violence and torture as well as capacity building of security forces in international humanitarian law.

The Youth and Development Programme seeks to improve the participation of young people in national and community structures and has organised numerous workshops, capacity building exercises and forums of discussion on issues of youth. They have also set up a platform for the youth in lobbying and advocacy for their rights within the government.

The Rural Land Programme was created out of the desire to lessen the numerous conflicts over territory and understand the reasons for these crisis. The UACI conducted several field investigations to discover that nearly 95% of conflicts in Ivory Coast were related to land issues, they decided to thoroughly study the rural land laws and invest in public awareness and training of village management committees to try to mitigate land conflicts.

The Conflict Prevention Programme looks to significantly reduce conflicts in Ivory Coast by running outreach projects on community cohesion in rural areas, awareness and education campaigns on peace, citizenship, social cohesion and peace education in schools.

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