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UMOJA AFRICA DRC / UA-RDC: is an advocacy organisation for the promotion of the Environment, Peace and Human Rights, created on 1 …

Last updated: June 2022

UMOJA AFRICA DRC / UA-RDC: is an advocacy organisation for the promotion of the Environment, Peace and Human Rights, created on 1 March 2015 in Kitshanga; Bashali chiefdom; Masisi Territory; North Kivu Province in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo and having its head office in KITSHANGA on 15 November 2018 marks the actual and official operationalisation of the activities of the organisation UMOJA-AFRICA DRC in abbreviated UA-RDC

The idea of creating the organisation UMOJA-AFRICA DRC had come during the massacre of the population of Kitshanga following the conflicts of leadership opposing the elements of an armed group APCLS against the FARDC the 12th Regiment on February 27, 2013 where more than 200 People had fallen victims and more than 170 Houses Burned but also the economy of the population had fallen in bankruptcy following the armed conflict.

General objective of UMOJA AFRICA: to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic condition of the population, the promotion of human rights and the consolidation of peace in the territory of Masisi, Walikale; Beni; Lubero and Rutshuru in the province of North Kivu in particular and in DRC in general.

Specific objectives :

  • To create a centre for young victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters (training in trades and peace education)
  • Promote the respect of human rights, support peace actions and gender promotion
  • Protecting and rationally managing the environment
  • Preventing conflicts,
  • Fight against water-borne diseases, HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence.

Our vision: To dream of respect for human rights in the DRC and in the various African countries and the promotion of the environment at all levels and peace for all.

Our mission: To mobilise resources in volunteer countries in order to support and assist people affected by conflicts and natural disasters, targeting the most vulnerable people, victims of violence, children associated with armed groups, children in difficult situations, displaced persons, refugees, children born of rape, etc.

Our values and principles :

  • Neutrality
  • Independence
  • Impartiality
  • Confidentiality
  • DEDICATION: Determination in the implementation of actions;
  • INNOVATION: Creative; open to new solutions to meet the needs of beneficiaries affected by conflicts and natural disasters
  • INCLUSIVITY: Involve all categories of the population;
  • VIABILITY: Ensures accountability to the communities benefiting from the actions

Legal recognition of UMOJA AFRICA by the authorities :

UMOJA AFRICA is legally recognised by the Congolese government and has the necessary documents for its operation, notably

  • The legal personality / F.92/34.129
  • The provincial decree of North Kivu N°263/CAB/GP-NK/2019 OF 10 MAY 2019,
  • Attestation of Registration at the Division of DIVAS NK N°08/DIVAS/N-K/AS/021/2019,
  • Certificate of Registration with the Planning Division NK N°657/DPP/NK/2019,
  • Identification form of organisations serving rural development in the Bashali chiefdom in Masisi territory,
  • Identification form of the coordination of the local youth council of the Bashali chiefdom in the Masisi territory.

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