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Born out of a need for mutual respect, peace and accountability in Rwandan communities, UMUHUZA seeks to build a safe and healthy society for local people.
Last updated: December 2017

UMUHUZA envisions a society in which communities live in harmony, mutual respect and dignity. It undertakes the task of promoting a culture of peace through non-violent conflict management and respect for human rights.

This organisation aims to be a service and training centre in peaceful conflict management, a listening and advisory framework for victims of violence and a platform for the facilitation of frank dialogues within communities.

UMUHUZA fervently upholds the values of treating others with respect, acknowledging diversity among people and welcoming different ideas and points of view. It is committed to creating a community that is accountable, acts with honesty and forthrightness, adheres to high ethical standards and maintains integrity while dealing with members. UMUHUZA believes in achieving this via the peaceful resolution of conflict, sharing of economic and natural resources and promotion of equality in educational opportunities. In a world in which we all depend on one another, the wellbeing of each person depends on the wellbeing of the whole. Hence UMUHUZA is committed to achieving this mission by working with individuals who will then go on to build a better society.

UMUHUZA seeks to retain the positive values that form part of the Rwandan culture of conflict management. This is initiated by breaking the conflict cycle through the creation of an environment of active listening and counselling of the victims and perpetrators of conflict. UMUHUZA's major achievements have been in training mediators to appear before the Abunzi, participating in local and national level associations and mediation committees in Kigali City, Ngororero and Kayonza, developing a curriculum in the local language, and organising the 'creators of peace circle' under the 'Initiatives of Change' programme.

The organisation also focuses on the important issues of family literacy and early child development in its efforts to build a more peaceful and safer community. As of now, 1500 families have been reached through the 'Child I Care' programme which encourages families to recognise the importance of trusting, playful and nurturing relationships between children and their caregivers. By using a regular pattern of parent meetings, home visits, and literacy classes, parents are taught to recognise that they can build strong, healthy and vibrant families.

Lastly, UMUHUZA has made several efforts to spread the culture of reading among local youth. In partnership with 'Save the Children', around 95 reading clubs run by 200 volunteers have been set up and 1200 children's books have been distributed in the community with the involvement of 7072 parents.

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