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Umuseke teaches young people and children values of peace and tolerance in Rwanda.
Last updated: May 2014

Umuseke was formed in 2000 with the aim of participating in the reconstruction of post-genocide Rwanda. The organisation engages with children and young people to move towards a just and more peaceful society.


Umuseke has developed educational materials to help educators teach children and young people ideas and values such as justice, tolerance, and equality. The materials use images which illustrate topics on the origin of conflicts and how to positively react in order to prevent endless circles of violence.

Major achievements

Each year, at least 5,000 young people participate in training workshops and form Clubs of Dialogue for Peace.

Every year, at least 50 facilitators are trained during 3 day workshops.

Success story

Before joining the dialogue club, Alice, a college student in Mukindo was convinced that students supported by FARG (Genocide survivors assistance fund) were privileged/favoured by the Rwandan government because they were Tutsi. This lead her to a discriminatory attitude toward her colleagues supported by FARG.

On her way coming to school, she passes through a village built for genocide widows. As she says, she used to close her eyes when she entered the village in order not to see a person from the ‘Tutsi village’.

After joining the dialogue club, Alice spoke of the change she experienced in relation to her perception on genocide survivors and their government support. Through the dialogue sessions organised at her school, Alice came to change her perceptions. She now has friends whose parents are genocide survivors and she is committed to distancing herself from discriminatory ideas and helping others to change their mindsets.

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