Union des Femmes pour la Paix (UFEP)

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UFEP is an apolitical women's organisation that works for peace, development and the promotion of women's rights.
Last updated: August 2015

The Union des Femmes pour la Paix (Women's Union for Peace, UFEP) is an apolitical women's organisation that works for peace, development and the promotion of women's rights in Moundou. It developed out of the UFEP network of N’Djaména, created in 1997. Based in the Logone Occidental and Oriental region of Chad, UFEP' s ambition is to see a Chad with a comfortable standard of living; its motto is "peace needs you". UFEP benefits from a legal clinic in which is set up a listening center that dispenses legal assistance to female victim of rights abuse. Four other UEFP units are located in Benoye, Krim-Krim, Beinamar and Déli.

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Since its creation, UFEP has mobilised 56 women members in the establishment of workshops on awareness-raising, information and training on peace related themes, democracy, human rights and more specifically the rights of women and children.

Thanks to all the different funding it benefits from (EIRENE, DED, the EU and others), UFEP has managed to train 20 paralegals and 10 mediators in the Logone Occidental region. These women mediators use handbooks and index cards that are given to them for the resolution of conflicts. UFEP constantly strengthens its training capacities. The organisation has also successfully trained members of local management committees, thus enabling them to bring peace between farmers and stock breeders in places like Déli where no new conflict has been registered for the past year.

UFEP is getting ready to celebrate two major events :

  • The 12th edition of the women's international day for peace and disarmament.
  • The international day of rural women.

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