Union des Juristes Engages pour les Opprimes, la Paix et le Developpement (UJEOPAD-RDC)

UJEOPAD-RDC was created in 2009 to resolve inter- and intra-ethnic conflicts and land disputes in DR Congo.

Last updated: March 2022

Union des Juristes engagés pour les Opprimés, la Paix et le Développement (UJEOPAD-RDC) is a non-governmental organisation under Congolese law created in 2009 in a situation where the DRC in general is subject to inter- and intra-ethnic conflicts and a land issue whose magnitude raises concerns. The absence of state authority in certain parts of the country and a land tenure system that is not adapted to the new realities weighs heavily on the stabilisation and reconstruction efforts undertaken by various national and international actors. In order to overcome this crucial problem, it is obvious that solutions must come from the community and that the projects developed by different actors must be based on action research.

Objectives :

UJEOPAD-RDC aims to contribute to the prevention and resolution of conflicts with a view to lasting peace through charitable and humanitarian actions in the DRC in general and in Eastern DRC in particular, through the management and transformation of conflicts of all kinds, and the promotion of active non-violence through education for peace and harmony in the DRC by means of its projects, including the revitalisation of youth peace clubs.

Ujeopad-RDC seeks to combat anti-values, injustice, violence in all its forms, promote peace and development, and give hope to the oppressed.

To do this, it aims to be a credible, transparent, honest, efficient and positive organisation where human beings are equal in rights and dignity, where peace, love, justice, joy and happiness reign.

The organisation is registered under the Provincial Governor's Order No. 01/318/CAB/GP-NK/2016 of 29 December 2016.

Areas of intervention :

Province of North Kivu: Territory of Nyiragongo, Masisi, Walikale and city of Goma - Territory of Beni - village Oicha - Eringeti

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