Union 'Georgian-Abkhaz Mixed Families'

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Union 'Georgian-Abkhaz Mixed Families' works for the restoration of peace between Georgian and Abkhaz families.
Last updated: December 2017

Union 'Georgian-Abkhaz Mixed Families' works for the restoration of peace between Georgian and Abkhaz families. It was established in 2003.

The main objectives of the organisation are:

  • The restoration of the traditional peaceful coexistence of Georgians and Abkhaz.
  • The restoration of the integrity of families that were separated during the war.
  • The restoration of relations between relatives belonging to Georgian and Abkhaz ethnicities.
  • Supporting the state and international organisations in peaceful settlement of Georgian-Abkhaz families.
Despite the facing difficulties, the organisation has successfully managed to organise numerous reunions of Georgian and Abkhaz relatives, both within Georgia proper and Abkhazia. The Union has actively cooperated with the government of Georgia and international organisations, as well as with representatives of the de facto Abkhaz authorities. With the initiative of the Union, the Abkhaz side has also established an equivalent organisation - 'Mixed Marriages'.

Over the course of its existence, the organisation has managed to re-connect 4,000 relatives of both ethnicities as well as restoring the integrity of 800 families separated as a result of the war in the early 1990s. With the support of de facto authorities of Gali and Ochamchire districts of Abkhazia, the Union organised several meetings between Georgian and Abkhaz elderly people, between Georgian and Abkhaz youth and between persons of Georgian and Abkhaz ethnicities bearing identical surnames.

The organisation’s latest initiative is the establishment of Georgian-Abkhaz Centre of Information and Consultation, an administrative entity that will be based closed to the administrative boundary between Abkhazia and Georgia proper and will provide consultation to Abkhaz residents of Abkhazia who are coming to Georgia proper for medical, educational, professional and other purposes. The Union is seeking sponsors and partners in this endeavour.

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