Union of Wives of Invalids and Lost Warriors

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Union of Wives of Invalids and Lost Warriors works to build peaceful coexistence between the people of the Caucasus.
Last updated: November 2019

 Union of Wives of Invalids and Lost Warriors was established in 1997 as a Women's Department on Disability and Veterans' Society "Demetre Tavdadebuli" and registered in February 1999 as an independent NGO Union Wives of Invalids and Lost Warriors (later UWILW)

Mission: Establishing a community established on democratic values and equality in Georgia, enhancing women's political empowerment in achieving gender equality in peace processes and increasing their participation in decision-making.


  • Protection of human rights;
  • Protection of women's rights;
  • To increase female participation in peace processes;
  • Increase Women's Participation in Politics;
  • To achieve gender equality;
  • Increase women participation in decision-making processes;
  • Elimination of discrimination against women;
  • Protection of young people's rights and freedoms;
  • Youth involvement in the democratic development process of the country;
  • Establishment of a society established on democratic values and equality in Georgia;


  1. Increase the level of education and change public awareness;
  2. Activation and involvement of women and young people in the peacekeeping and political processes;
  3. Engagement of women and youth in bilateral peace dialogue and negotiation process;
  4. Promoting political and peace themes on women's participation in society;
  5. Identify the facts of violation of women's rights and discrimination and advocacy and lobbying of these issues;
  6. Coordinated cooperation with state structures;


   Since 1998 UWILW has been involved in charitable activities throughout the whole territory of Georgia. 2000 families of war veterans, veterans and World War veterans unselfishly received various humanitarian aids: food, clothes, medicines ... New Year holidays were held for children, books and school inventories were delivered every year. Cultural events, theaters and various concert halls were held, as well as the computer center was opened for the purpose of employment in the organization. 200 people studied the computer for free. Every year, children were resting in children's camps, with the exchange program of 30 orphans sent to Italy (Palermo), UWILW developed a psycho-social rehabilitation project involving high-qualified invited doctors working with women, children and disabled people who were victims of armed conflicts.

    UWILW has published various publications: "The laws of Georgia and international legal acts for families with disabilities"; "Peaceful Caucasus"; "War and Women's Social Problems"; "Problems of Protection of Dignity of Women Due to Armed Conflicts"; "Gender Equality in Political Processes"; "Women's participation in political processes, changes and perspectives"; "Women for Peace and Security, Georgian-Ossetian Society in Search of Peace".

   Independent NGO "Gender Equality Network" was established in 2013 by UWILW, which unites the political parties and representatives of various social groups in the ten regions of Tbilisi and Georgia.

   UWILW has experience of coordinated activities, trainings, conferences - meetings, events, peace actions, and training materials on the whole territory of Georgia (including conflict regions); UWILW has local resources, representative of Women's Coalition. Representatives of UWILW participated in the concept and implementation of state gender equality concepts and action plans. We have developed a concept within different projects and prepared a package of recommendations that were provided to the representatives of relevant state structures.

UWILW has implemented many projects. The aim of the project was to raise public awareness on peace building and confidence building between Georgians and Ossetians; Women's awareness of the elections and increase women's participation in political processes, 86 women became MPs with the support of UWILW. Promotion of gender equality principles, activation of leader women with information-educational activities, changing women's consciousness and developing women's movement, taking into consideration CEDAW and 1325 principles; Projects funded by the local and international organizations such as the Swedish Organization KTK, Electoral Systems Development, Reforms and Training Center, COBERM which is funded by the European Union and the administration by the United Nations Development Fund, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems and the United States IFES-'s development the agency, the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), which is managed by the Canadian Embassy in Ankara and etc.

UWILW continues its activities to establish a democratic value and equal society in the country.

contact information

Address: Georgia, Tbilisi, Kedia Street #7

Tel: +995 593 593 559; 

Face book: dmm kavshiri; Union of Wives of Invalids and Lost Warriors (UWILW)

E-mail: dtwife@gmail.com

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