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United Voices for Peace Network is an organisation that works for the enlightenment, empowerment and development of the Muslim community in the Philippines.
Last updated: June 2015

United Voices for Peace Network (UVPN) is an association of young Muslim leaders and professionals who are united to work for the enlightenment, empowerment and development of the Muslim community in the Philippines.

UVPN was established in 2005 by Hamodi Lao Toboron, CPA. Mr. Tiboron is an alumnus of U.S government programme ACCESS-Philippine Youth Leadership. Mr. Tiboron believes that organising a youth organisation with young Muslim members of different tribes can help the youth to unite, understand Islam in depth, and be role models to the Muslim community in the Philippines.

UVPN believes that if non-Muslim brothers and sisters can see how peaceful and united the Muslims are, they will open their minds and hearts to understand and accept the Muslim community. The organisation strongly believes in the saying of Prophet Mohammad (sallahu ‘alayhi wassalaam): “Our diversity is not a reason to be divided, but a way for us to work hand-in-hand towards understanding and harmonious relationships for peace and unity of our nation.”

UVNP Philippines 3 UVPN holds quarterly meetings on Muslim youth enlightenment, empowerment and development. Image credit: United Voices for Peace Network

UVPN is composed of different chapters in different places and schools. The main chapter is based in Cotabato City. There are also chapters in different schools within Cotabato City, such as Notre Dame University, Cotabato City State Polytechnic College, and Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy. The organisation has also organized a chapter in Davao City and Pagadian City. They also have a rising chapter in Metro Manila. UVPN hopes the organisation will continue to grow and expand in different places for the unity of the people.

UVPN's main activities

UVPN conducts a variety of activities throughout its chapters in the Philippines. The organisation holds an annual convention to invite more members. It also conducts a quarter assessment for the members, focusing on their development, leadership training and capacity building. An annual Grand Qiyamul Layl every Ramadhan is organised to strengthen the faith of each member.

ANVP Philippines UVPN holds an annual Grand Qiyamul Layl symposium which is attended by around 1000 Muslim youths. Image credit: United Voices for Peace Network

Throughout the year, the organisation conducts a symposium for Islamic awareness and inter-cultural dialogue. Each chapter has its own peace-building programmes and activities to be approved by the Board of Trustees. The organisation is also engaging in relief operations in times of natural and man-made calamities in different places, such as during the Zamboanga Siege and typhoons.

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