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The Uva Shakthi Foundation addresses basic needs and relief work in Sri Lanka.
Last updated: February 2020

The Uva Shakthi Foundation (USF) was formed in 1996, as Voluntary Organization, initially to address occasional needs and relief works. Over the period of time its objectives and scope of activities were extended to cover wider range of locations and activities.

Our Organization is dedicated towards social and material development among rural, plantation sectors, multi-ethnic townships in Uva region over two decades. A comprehensive community network is being constructed among the civil societies and public service providing sectors. A close service based interaction is maintained with the Pradeshiya Sabhas as well LGA and Provincial Council. 

In addition wider coverage including Central, North and Eastern Provinces through Inter Regional corporation on Policy Making , National Reconciliation and Inclusive Democracy 

Vision of the Organization: “Strive towards an equitable society that foster the spirits of good governance and human rights culture with dignified livelihood and gender sensitiveness” 

Citizens Councils, Women’s Circles, Household Wives Societies, Human and Worker Rights Forums, Youth Clubs, Children’s Guilds, Pre-School Teachers Association, Inter Religious Circles and Muditha Friendship Societies are formed in to the integral part of Community Network. The General Council, Executive Council and Board of Office Bearers are the pillars of the Organization.

Legal Status: Registration

Registered as a   NGO at the NGO Secretariat of the Line Ministry of Social Services Reg : No. L -18601- Date: /12/12/ 2000 

(2.) Passara Divisional Secretariat. Reg: No. P/VSO/04 /98 Date: 23 /07 /1998 and

(03) Central Environment Authority Reg: No:  6/6/17/22/20 Date: 6/8/1999.

Organizational Setting and Locational Coverage

The General Council consists of membership capacity of 302 in year 2015, 13 Member Executive Council and 07 member Board of Office Bearers,  8 persons  full time Staff, 3 part time Staff and  a Trained Team of Volunteers of  36. Organizational services cover 08 Divisional Secretariats in Badulla and 3 DS in Monaragala Districts geographical coverage consisting of 21 large Plantations with Divisional Units, (mainly IOTs Indian Origin Tamils) 18 Rural Villages (Sinhalese), 5 Muslim Settlements, 7 Multi-Ethnic Townships and 6 Urban Centers. 

The Main Office in Badulla is located at 368 KMs and Branch Office at Passara 238 kms from country Capital City Colombo. At percent we are extended our work programs to Central, South, North and Eastern Provinces as well. 

Mentionable Achievements of Recent Time

  • Invited to be part of Zonal Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanism by Sri Lankan Parliament, represented by Nadesan Suresh Chairman of Uva Shakthi Foundation

    • Coordinated the Submission of the Proposals for Constitutional Reform to the Constitutional Advisory and Drafting Committee on behalf of Uva Province
    • Presently functioning in close collaboration with the Social and Religious Organizations of both Badulla and Monaragala Districts giving main consideration over the realization of Right to Information Act and the spirit of Transitional Justice
    • Regional Monitoring Unit of National Plan of Action for the Social Development of the Plantation Community 2016-2020
    • Formation of United Religions Corporation Circles Networking in 13 Districts
    • Gained experience on Community Development, in the fields of Research, Trainings, Project Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.
    • Committed to foster Civil Politics, cutting across the ethnic and religious differences and deviate from political bias,
    • Workable empowerment of women through the identified segments of household wives, working women, and young females among our target social political entities. This has led to the promotion of reasonable number elected women councilors in Local Governance

    Also we are engaged in national level policy planning reformation civil society mechanism. International level we have gained popularity for our services and dignified as humanitarian activists.

    As far as the RTI Right to Information is concern we more active in the spheres of Public Service Providers, Newly Elected Local Governance Councilors and Citizens Councils.

    RTI Interventions: Accessing knowledge by the Public Service Providers on RTI policy and implementation system, the newly elected councilors and Public Commissions.

    Mobile practical services on the correct methods in filling up RTI Forms among the Citizens Councils, Women’s Forums, Youth Clubs and key decision makers among the general public.    

Our Community Foundation and Functional Strategies Our Community networking is centered on the formation and function of Citizens Councils among the Rural and Plantation Communities

The Brief Profile of Citizens Councils of USF

USF has formed CCs within the Plantation and Rural community as a result of the experience with the conventional community network practiced not only by USF but also other Organizations as well. With the accumulated experiences by the year of 2004 it was felt that there was a need for a community media that will embarrass the cross sections of the society at all levels. It is this perception that lead to the formation of the first Citizens Council at Passara Township during the peak period of Civil War as a pioneer mission towards Inter-Ethnic relation building which lead the journey of Democratic Culture and Good Governance. The first Plantation based Citizens Council was formed at Agrathenna Divisional Unit of URY Group in the Month of March 2006. 

There are two important aspects that greatly helped in forming and alternate community gathering. The first one born out of their experience with the interaction and inputs of the mono type of grassroot institutes of Trade union Committees and Temple Committees which are largely politicalized. The second vital factor is the emergence of new generation of young women and men who wants to reach out beyond the confines of plantations to the level of national achievements. 

The respective Governments over the period of so many decades have not offered justifiable resource and service inputs as well due rights like ownership over their dwellings and lands for decent living. There is lack of social; medias among the Plantation Workers community to highlight and demand over such issues. The realization of such vacuum by the workers and their family members is the base to demand for neo community platform.

Ongoing Initiatives and Programme :

  • Human Rights First Aid Center for Badulla District - Human Rights Center to support the people who need legal aid, protection and guidance to get their rights when it is violated. The Human Rights First Aid Center was opened on the 04th February 2017 and Located at USF Office the Trained Human Rights Defenders in the district will be at the Human Rights First Aid Center to meet the needs of the people at the office. The Human Rights Defenders have been trained to write down the written complaints, affidavits, give advices and consultations to the clients.
  • IDEA – USAID MSI Project – Clean Politics and Participatory Local Governance through Reform Mechanisms and Strengthening Civil Societies - Uva Region -2019-2020 
  • Film For Dialogue – Uva Wellassa Film Festival 2019 – Screening Short Films and Feature Films to Strengthen the Reconciliation, Cultural Harmony and Gender Diversity. Facilitated by Chrysalis and GIZ 
  • Vocational Training on Photography –Whereas the Vocational Training could be an effective media in generating livelihood ventures and confidence building to strengthen plantation community, rural village and settlement wise multi ethnic populations- CPA – USF and GIZ - 2019 
  • Inter-Religious Corporation Circle – Badulla District: Overcoming Religious Hatred Syndrome and building up inter religious faith through interactive dialogues and programme initiatives. 2017 onwards 


 Nadesan Suresh

Chairman – Uva Shakthi Foundation

16/12, 2nd Lane, Lower King Street, Badulla

071 610 22 29 / 055 22 31750  /fuvashakthi@yahoo.com

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