Volunteer Action Network (VAC-NET)

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Volunteer Action Network is an NGO that was founded in Uganda in May, 2005 by volunteers who realised the deteriorating situation of the rural poor.
Last updated: August 2015

Volunteer Action Network (VAC-NET was founded in 2005 by volunteers who were concerned by what the saw as the deteriorating situation of the rural poor -especially for women who are adversely affected by the socio-economic imbalances. VAC-NET is rurally focused and aims to alleviate poverty, increase human security, and women’s empowerment. It's areas of operations are economic recovery, advocacy, sustainable peace and sustainability. 

VAC-NET’s has a bottom-up approach based on communities needs, meaning that participation is fundamental for project ownership and sustainability of the project activities. The community’s participation also makes advocacy, lobbying and fundraising for the activities easier, though the decision making process is still an entirely top-down approach.

Thematic areas of work are advocacy for women’s economic empowerment, and HIV prevention. Currently VAC-NET is implementing the following projects in consortia/partnership with other national and international NGOs:

  • Credit Plus Program-in partnership with Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGF)
  • WOMEN4 peace award project.
  • Creating a voice WOMEN project.
  • Communities Advancing Prevention of HIV (CAPH)-consortia with PACE, LAPEWA Cwero Support the Orphan and Vulnerable Children.

Major achievements:

The WOMEN4 Peace Awards is an honorary award given to grassroots women and organisations in recognition of outstanding contribution towards the promotion of peace and development in communities. The purpose of this award is to provide opportunity not only to give public recognition to the achievements of the recipients themselves, but also to send a clear message to all winners that the community is grateful for, and supports, their tireless efforts to promote peace and development in northern Uganda.

Every year VAC-NET publicly recognises and awards grassroots women and community initiatives, who are working in their communities to improve the lives of women and their families. These grassroots women contribute to and sustain peace; they are the movers and shakers of the communities in which they live and are challenging communities to do better and elevating issues critical to improving the lives of women and families in post conflict northern Uganda

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