Violation Documentation Centre in Syria

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The Violation Documentation Centre in Syria monitors and documents the violations of human rights in Syria.
Last updated: July 2016

The Violation Documentation Centre in Syria is an independent, civil non-profit, non-governmental organisation that started its monitoring and documenting the violations of human rights in Syria in April 2011. It is led by a number of human rights activists inside and outside Syria. The daily field-monitoring team consists of the centre's activists inside Syria, while the main coordinators of the Administrative Office consist of activists who live both inside Syria and abroad.

Description of activities

  • Monitors and documents crimes and violations of human rights in Syria, and attempts - at the same time - to protect and enhance these rights in Syrian culture. 
  • Documents violations committed by informal bodies in addition to the regime's casualties whether of the Syrian Army, the so-called "Army of National Defense" or even militias and other foreign fighters fighting aongside the regime army.
  • Periodically publishes statistics on the database it has in the form of weekly, monthly and yearly reports in the form of percentages and illustrations, in addition to the release of dozens of human rights reports on different topics and violations in Syria
  • Has a three stage methodology, with detailed classification and reporting including statistical, testimony, area and special reports.

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